5 Proven Facebook Advertising Tips for Better ROI

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Updated December 06, 2023Published November 24, 2018
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Facebook has become massive over the years from a social networking platform into an advertising tool. With many people using Facebook today, there’s no doubt that Facebook has a lot to offer for your business to grow. According to a report by Social Media Examiner, 93% of social media advertising professionals consistently run Facebook ads. And it’s obvious why.

Facebook is a great platform for brands to advertise and get exposure, but unfortunately, not everyone does it right.  If you want to be successful on Facebook, you’ll need more than just incredible content. Here are some tips that can help improve the quality of your Facebook advertising, allowing you to reach your business objectives and connect more effectively with your customers.

1. Create an effective advertising

Facebook ads can be highly profitable, and there are countless ways to make them more effective such as:

Knowing your business goal

The numerous options Facebook offers, in terms of objectives, can be difficult to get your head around. This is especially true if you are just starting with ads. So, you have to create a Facebook strategy to make out of the many potentials of Facebook.

When you create a new ad within the Facebook Ad Manager, the first choice you’ll have to make is selecting the campaign objective. This allows the ad system to know what it is that you wish to achieve, and the system will provide you with the best tools to do it. Your Facebook campaign objective also determines what optimization and bidding options you’ll have throughout the campaign setup process.

While the objectives offered are undoubtedly many, they fall under the wider categories of awarenessconsideration, and conversion.

Targeting the right audience

The key to Facebook advertising is knowing who your target audience is and where to find them. Facebook alone has more than 2 billion monthly users which helps you to connect your brand to an audience like no other. And its marketing potential just keeps increasing.  Due to this, Facebook offers a more varied audience in terms of demographics, age, gender, and lifestyle than the other popular social platforms where they can be categorized into various groups. This has been an advantage for the brands as they can create adverts for their specific target groups.

2. Write great advertising content

When we talk about Facebook ads, it is not just about the creative and videos, but copywriting is also essential. Relevance in content is critical for success when using Facebook advertising. Remember, you are going to spend money on your ad (depending on the settings you use). If your ads aren't relevant to your target audience, you're only wasting your time and money and will likely not see success with any advertising.

Great advertising copy can encourage, excite, and entertain your audience to click through to your website.

3. Use striking images

A consumer is exposed to a minimum of 15 to 20 adverts on any given day. For Facebook ads, it is important to create unique designs and videos to impress the consumers and grab their attention while swiping and scrolling through their News Feed. To reach people on Facebook means being able to communicate visually, and to do so quickly.

Below are Facebook’s three ad image best practices:

  • Choose an image or images if you are using a carousel ad that is directly relevant to who you're targeting.
  • Use stock photos or quality image/s with high resolution and eye-catching, even when viewed on a mobile phone or in different screen sizes.
  • Avoid images that have many words. Follow Facebook 20% Rule.
  • Avoid images that have many small texts and opt for something simple instead.

4. Establish a bid strategy and budget

Are you sick and tired of losing money on Facebook Ads?

In Facebook advertising, it’s critically significant that you set a bid strategy and budget for your campaign. The allocation of a campaign budget across your campaign's ad sets should be optimized well so you won’t end up spending way more than you planned. Facebook offers a tool for making the bid strategy easier by using Optimized CPM.

With this tool, you’re essentially permitting Facebook to bid for ad space based on the constraints and goals you provide. This generally allows you to maximize your budget and avoid overspending. Until you get an idea of how much ad space costs and how to allocate your budget, it’s best to let Facebook take care of this aspect of your campaign.

However, when you’re running ad sets with different audience sizes, it’s recommended to set budgets proportionally based on individual audience sizes. This helps ensure that your budget has equal potential with each audience.

5. Try unique advertising options

When promoting your product or service on a Facebook ad, you have a variety of formats to choose from.  The advertising options have increased to help you cut through and get in front of the right people. Companies can experiment with these options to understand the medium used for them. Some brands also create a personalized plan with the right mixture of all these options. Some advert formats include photo, video, carousel, slideshow, collection, messenger, etc.

Putting it all together

Creating an effective Facebook ad campaign is all about understanding the platform and utilizing the features you have at your disposal. Facebook ads campaign needs its own time to become a mass success. It is essential to be patient and keep working towards the campaign objective.

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