5 Reasons to Choose Drupal as Your CMS in 2022

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Updated December 08, 2023Published April 13, 2022
Author: Visibee
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Drupal is an open-source control management system framework that lets you improve your website endlessly. It helps in managing content over the internet which you can download and set up on any server you want. This system is more of a niche choice when it comes to control management system platforms. Its features consisted of account registration, maintenance, menu management, etc.

Why Drupal?

1. Highly Flexible and Customizable

It is for developing flexible and robust websites, specifically social media networks and applications. With over 15,000 modules, Drupal is considered the best CMS tool to create blogs, forums, e-commerce, CRM, intranets, social networks, news aggregators, wikis, photo galleries, restaurant review sites, and more.

 It makes it easier to; Integrate change requests, analyze user behavior and response, Extend and customize the existing core functionalities by creating custom modules.

2. Best Scalability

It has a reputation for being both highly-scalable and light on resources. One can add as many pages to the website as needed without making any significant changes to the code. In this case, your website should be able to handle more traffic and this is why it is popular for large and well trafficked sites.

3. Great for Search Engine Optimization

SEO is very important in business success. Drupal website gives you tons of options to optimize your website with having effective SEO modules and clean code makes a solid foundation for building a well-optimized website. Auto-tagging tools, such as Drupal’s Metatag module, allows you to add meta tags to your website automatically which is an asset for SEO.

4. Quality Performance

Its core installation helps in creating a simple website or a multi-user blog that also acts as a web application framework. The web pages are created using blocks and views. So, webmaster creating web pages can create all programming modules with flexibility. It has a modular approach which provides a good user interface design and content entry. It also improves and complete modules and bugs that produces quality sites.

5. Highest level of security

Website security is a must to every business owner. If you've built your business on Drupal, you're safe. It keeps your sites secure because the community constantly releases and posts new updates on drupal.org, as soon as there is a new update for users will be informed.

Basically, Drupal provide you with all the basics you need to manage a professional site with quality performance. It includes far more in-depth configuration settings, which can be an advantage if you have a web development background. Usually use for huge website that has many features and customizations for an enterprise level understanding. If you need help regarding this, you can tap the experts in Drupal development, Visible One.

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