Google’s new feature – “Book an appointment” for Salon and Spa

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Updated December 04, 2023Published August 11, 2017
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Google’s new feature – “Book an appointment” for Salon and Spa

Google is always committed to providing the best for all customer's needs. Now, Google has again proved why it is the most preferred search engine. The "Book Button" feature has already been rolled out for wellness and fitness classes, and previously, Google made things a lot easier by adding a new great addition to its Reserve with Google feature allowing you to book salon and spa appointments right from Google Maps and Search. This means you can book an appointment without visiting the business’ website, eradicating further steps for a smoother experience – from discovery to booking.

Gone are the days of searching for a business, having to call to get more information about their services before proceeding to the booking process. Nowadays, it all can be done from one place — Google.

A post from Google indicated, “Starting today (Thursday), you can book appointments at spas and salons across the U.S. on Google. So that fresh haircut or palm tree-green mani is only a couple taps away.”

To get started, you have to search for the spa or salon you’re looking for (or the exact place if you already know where you want to go) on Google Maps. On the page where you usually see hours and reviews, you’ll see a big “Book” button on participating businesses you can tap on to make an appointment.

On clicking the “Book” button, users will be asked to pick a time for their appointment and fill in their details like your name and phone number. Not every salon and spa in town is going to be signed up for one of those services, but a lot of them are. If you want to just look at businesses you never knew were just around the corner that can booked via Google, you can search using Google’s Reserve With Google site.

It’s likely not a feature you’re going to use to make an appointment at your hometown salon (though you definitely can) but more useful when you’re on a travel and realize you need a mani-pedi, or maybe a haircut, or need a massage because you’re tired traveling. Sounds convenient, isn’t it? So next time you're feeling in need of a little self-care, this new feature might come accessible and hassle-free for you! All you need is your smartphone and an internet connection.

This new feature is not just beneficial for customers, it is also for local businesses since the site provides the listings and recommendations of services to the users looking for the same type of business to book an appointment with. So make sure to complete all the details in your Google listing to boost your local SEO and capture more people in your area looking for services like yours while still weighing their options.

Undoubtedly, Google will roll out more bookable services soon in Search and Maps, but for now, revel in the fact that it couldn't be easier to nab an appointment in just a few clicks.

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