Boost Brand Visibility With Social Media Marketing

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Updated December 11, 2023Published June 03, 2016
Author: Visibee

Social media marketing is now prevalent whether on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+, etc. Needless to say, social media have made us more densely networked than ever.

Approximately 2.31 billion are using social media, delivering 31 percent global penetration and these figures are still expected to grow as mobile device usage and mobile social networks are progressively gaining more traction. 

For businesses, social media marketing is a must these days because social networks are now so well established. Remember, people use social media not only for socializing but also for searching.

There are ways to improve social media marketing in relation to improving the brand visibility of a company.

Using Popular Social Media Sites

Basically, you have to choose the main social networks that support your brand image.  At this stage in social media, there are now a core top 5 social networks that are most popular that don't change from year to year — Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram.

These sites are crucial, regardless of your audience, your business model, and your strategy. Studying and finding out each social media channel will really work best for your business.

Think of these are the following important factors you need to consider: the product or service you are offering, and the availability of human and financial resources at your disposal.

I know you're thinking that social media is free, however, think about the worth of your time.

Using popular social media sites can dramatically improve the brand visibility of a company. These social media sites are the best medium to inform the possible or potential customers that your brand and your company accommodate their needs.

Remember that being present on too many social media channels can impinge on your productivity and your results. Knowing which platforms to center your attention on can really help your business success.

High-quality content

Undeniably, high-quality content is tremendously important to the success of your brand.

The answer to creating high-quality content as a company or brand is to consider the audience that will be reading your content.

Remember to provide a reason for people to spend more than a few minutes reading your content that offers real value, something of substance to visitors that is unique, and useful content that they won’t find from other brands.

It is essential to provide valuable and shareable content on the social media channels you're currently using.

One can create a much stronger brand reputation and increase its visibility by creating useful content that people would share rather than worthless viral content that means nothing to the brand.

In creating valuable content, one must keep in mind that, every piece of content you make must contribute to your brand.

Another is figuring out what content is most likely to gain visibility on your social media networks. It is important also to use more visuals in the content.

Study shows that 94% more views are received when content has a visual in it.

Leverage influencers

Influencers are those that, well, influence others to action. They might be bloggers, industry leaders, consultants, media figures, traditional print authors, or others in occupations that put their opinions in front of an audience.

In fact, influencers are very important on social media. They’re the dominant players we all long to be, with thousands or even millions of followers, buzz-worthy content, and a reputation to match all the hype.

You can use that influence to your advantage if you are savvy enough.

In order to strap up the power of influencers successfully, one approach is mentioning their name or citing their website in your own content.

This way, they may share what you have created and will gain views instantly. Another one is tagging influencers you've referenced when sharing content on your social media sites.

Keep in mind that building a genuine relationship with influencers can help grow brand awareness and drive conversions.

Paid ads

If you’re not advertising on social media, considering the increasing amount of time that prospective customers spend on social media every week, then you’re seriously missing out!

Paid ads for social media sites will go a long way in improving the brand visibility of a company.

One can maximize it by providing the viewers with valuable incentives that encourage participation and making sure that the campaigns offer value to all participants.

This is a very effective social media marketing strategy as long as you know precisely what you’re doing. If you create a paid ad on social media but you don’t target the right audience then your ad is not going to generate much revenue or traffic for your website.

Advertising on social media is all about finding the right target.

By means of knowing who your audience is, you can advertise to them and remove vagueness from the equation.

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