Improving Social Media Engagement in 3 Easy Ways

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Updated November 28, 2023Published March 29, 2016
Author: Visibee

Are you online? Well, probably, you are, even almost every minute of the day.

Whether you work in the office or just home-based, the Internet is definitely the most important tool that you can rely on, be it for entertainment, pure business, or merely goofing around the Web.

Depending on your attention span online, you are most likely to click on something you find interesting on Social Media. With more and more people spending time over the Internet almost 24/7, it's easy to get people to like or share your posts online, but getting these likers to also share their thoughts on your comment box is another story. It takes creativity to drive comments and dialog on your posts. But, how?

Here are the top three easy ways to get your audience to talk to you on Social Media.

Your post should be a current issue

People always want something new and your post should be like that. You may pick an upcoming event in your area, feature it, and ask a Trivia question for your online visitors to answer. Think of a very interesting event that is of your virtual friends' interest. You will surely generate more comments within a few hours.

Post for a Cause

Even online, you can be a good Samaritan. Search for a Social Cause that you can promote even if it doesn't really relate to your brand. After all, it's always best to do good things for others. Social Media Examiner relates that Estée Lauder, a world-renowned beauty product manufacturer, had once conducted a Breast Cancer Awareness campaign. Sharing in such a Cause made them appear socially aware and their brand becomes more reputable and trustworthy. They simply used the tagline - “Hear our stories. Share yours.” and they were able to generate responses from different fans. You might also want to try this!

Utilize User-Generated Content

If you want to get your fans talking on your Website, then User-Generated Content is the excellent and the most convenient way. Think of an online activity that engages your audience. Starbucks' #WhiteCupContest was successful in this. In 2014, the coffee giant asked customers to make vibrant designs on the brand's iconic white cup, take a photo of it, use the hashtag, and share it on Social Media. The success of Starbucks' UGC concept has created noise around Social Media, and this made the company even more famous and patronized. So, why not do the same thing with your brand? You might be amazed at the results!

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