Increase Brand Loyalty Through Social Media Marketing

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Updated December 05, 2023Published December 23, 2016
Author: Visibee

Social media marketing refers to the process of using different social media platforms to gain website traffic or attention. Social media marketing can help improve brand presence, grow your business and strengthen potential customer relationships. Nowadays, because of a huge competitive market in the digital era, it is not enough to only have high-quality products, customers want to feel like they have a connection with the brand.

Continued development of the value of your brand should always be the topmost strategic priority of your business because brand value can create brand loyalty and can save your business in the long haul. Brand loyalty is when a customer repeatedly buys the same brand of products rather than buying from competing brands.

When you have customers, of course, you want to retain them and you can do it through brand loyalty. Here are some of the best practices to build brand loyalty through social media.

Create a compelling story

Social media provides a huge opportunity to create a compelling story that your audience can become emotionally connected to, beyond their need for the product or service that you provide. You should make an experience for your customers that is interactive so that they’ll feel like they are a part of the brand’s journey and success which builds a relationship between the two of you. And that’s an advantage for your business!

Create quality interactions

Through social media, companies now have access to a channel where they can communicate directly with their customers – a perfect opportunity that was not easily accessible or cheap before the dawn of social media. With social media’s presence, businesses should then take advantage of it to constantly interact with their followers to build appropriate brand awareness and loyalty.

Respond quickly and effectively

A golden rule for a business is to always respond to your customers’ inquiries or comments on social media to increase brand loyalty. Customers don’t like to wait, they like quick responses and your determination to answer their concerns especially when a customer is requesting something time-sensitive. Timely responses and an active presence on social media will build trust with customers that keep them coming back to you.

Accept reviews

Some of us have heard a salesperson say, "If I could buy word-of-mouth, I'd empty my pockets." Online customer reviews are very influential, they serve as your word-of-mouth advertising which is effective and has an impact on your brand. Whether the rating is bad or excellent, 1 star or 5 stars, these reviews reflect what kind of product or service you’re selling to the people on your eCommerce website which affects the purchase behavior of your potential customers.

Reward loyal customers

Customers love rewards! Making loyal customers feel valued and appreciated by rewarding them enhances brand loyalty. You may provide your loyal customers a discount, voucher, a loyalty card, or a special offer which they can use for their purchase.

Social media is a game changer for any business that has a big impact on brand loyalty which results in increased exposure, reduced marketing expenses, and more fruitful leads that generate revenue. For your business to grow, you should reach out to almost all segments of society adopting effective social media methods and techniques that create a large pool of loyal customers.

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