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Updated November 27, 2023Published April 01, 2016
Author: Visibee

Customers are the lifeblood of any sales industry. But, how can a company find these customers also known as contacts or leads? The fact that customers are everywhere, much less the idea that anyone can be a potential customer does not guarantee any company the sales it targets to have. So, is there really a better way to keep tract on potential buyers?

Well, identifying the names and contact information of potential customers is definitely time-consuming. Your company surely doesn’t have much time to get to the nitty-gritty of that. You might consider paying a service provider to supply you with lists but that can be additional cost. So, what now? Surely, you don’t want to be as old-fashioned as flipping through the pages of your directory, exchange business cards during business events, or even hunting contacts on Social Media just to obtain that long list of leads.  That can be pretty much tiresome, don’t you think?

Worry no more! Visible One has rounded up lead generation tools and services online that can surely help you keep track on new prospects:


Looking for a collaborative database of contacts? Well, Jigsaw is the answer! With your credits and points earned from sharing your contacts in Jigsaw, you can already buy contacts. As per Entrepreneur, you will be given 10 free credits the moment you open a Jigsaw account. These 10 free credits are enough for two contact records. You get five points for each contact you provide, five points for each contact updated, such as change of email, phone number, title change, etc., and a one-point “royalty” when a contact you updated or added is bought or sold. However, keep in mind that you cannot always get a quality data as the data quality depends on the quality of information provided by the collaborators.

With Jigsaw database, you can search for specific details, such as the complete name, address, email, department, even website domain extension. You can also keep track on the management level, the nature of the business, revenue, number of employees, or whether the industry is public, private, or government-owned, and so as its Fortune rank. Downloadable results are in business-card format which can be obtained using Oracle, vCard, Siebel, CSV, or Salesforce.com.


If you want to reach more contacts from the U.S. industries, InfoUSA is a good pick. Well, this can do you magic as it helps you create and send emails. Yes, it does the actual emailing for you. You just have to pay extra bucks for fancier HTML Layouts that the system can do for you. Aside from providing you the lists of businesses and consumers from the U.S., InfoUSA can also provide you contacts of new businesses, new movers, new homeowners, religious marketing agencies, international contacts, companies that have gone bankrupt, varied entrepreneurs, households with children, ethnic group contacts, among others. Downloadable results are in TXT or CSV format.


Another good database tool is that of WorkWave’s. The lead capture form data is automatically imported directly to your system once you are already using WorkWave. The WorkWave’s website itself promises that their system has specific data of hundreds of industries coming from hundreds of sites. The data show over 80 percent of calls from random visitors.

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