What Matters More: Web Design or Content?

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Updated December 08, 2023Published August 12, 2016
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What Matters More: Web Design or Content?

When it comes to launching or redesigning your website, you may find yourself asking, “Which is more important to my website’s success – design or content?

From a design point of view

Web design refers to both the aesthetic portion of the website and its usability. Design is what makes your website eye-catching. It can be argued that what you have to say about your product or service matters the most. Even if you have the best design existing if it contains poor content, it will not save your website.

Web design is a crucial factor that won’t overshadow the fact that content remains the most important metric for a website. The chance is lesser for visitors to look at and read your website's content if the design is not good and attractive. Yes, a good design fetches traffic, yet there is no guarantee that visitors will come back if they are not interested in what's within the website. Therefore, there are more chances that content can be rehabilitated than design. People can be captivated by great design, and the important thing is to keep them captivated through proper information and coherence to the topic content so that your website gets the right attention. Remember that less is more so avoiding heavy graphics will make your design look stylish and minimalist. Better to add more quality information than to create a complicated design. You’d have to offer something extraordinary and this is only the getaway from a website with a bad design. In other words, sell a product or service that no one else does.

From the content point of view

A good website design surely will get some traffic, but good content for your website is what will make them stay and what will make them come back for more. Though content and design are equally vital for your website, it still rests on what you aim to achieve with the website first.


“The use of high quality, education-based content has become an essential ingredient in creating awareness, building trust, converting leads, serving customers and generating referrals.”

Once a visitor to your website likes and learns a lot from your content, that visitor will always come back to see the other content you have. In that way, your website will have a devoted visitor every time. Not only that but having good content will help your website to be listed at the top of the search rankings. Your website will be easier to appear on every search engine, and that means more visitors to your website. A good content means more than a good design. It is the life and blood of a website. Especially when your content is new and fresh to the visitors and it has relevance to the many. Creating good content and applying some SEO tricks will surely get your website to the top list. And that is what a commercial web wants, it is to be recognized and grow its visitors. Adding further, one cannot discredit what a good design has to offer to a website. It’s the first step to be recognized by the viewers and it can help to highlight the important contents.

The Takeaway

In that case, we can say that web design and content should perfectly balance one another. Let’s put it this way, great website design creates a vital first impression while content attracts search engines, intrigues your audience, and drives measurable results. Therefore, good design attracts people to your website while good content keeps them there. Both design and content are key factors in obtaining a better position in search engine results.

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