WordPress and Laravel: Advantages & Disadvantages

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Updated November 28, 2023Published March 30, 2022
Author: Visibee

WordPress and Laravel are type of website development that builds a high quality system for every business. Both can create websites that are functional, usable, understandable, and manageable. But the question is, when to use these types of website technologies? Let’s find out their difference for you to decide which type is suitable for your website.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system that runs using a theme based system and plugin architecture that offers more than 55,000 different plugins. You can use them to transform themes, or you can choose to build a website from scratch and make it custom made depending on the needs of the website.

In this case, if your website is about web presentations, blogs, news portals and small to medium-sized online stores, then it is suitable to use WordPress since it is much better at dealing with a lot of content that the future website is to hold.


WordPress advantages include;

  • Search-engine friendly structure
  • Integrated link management
  • Clean permalink structure
  • Ability to assign multiple categories to posts
  • Automatic filters for formatting and styling of text in posts
  • Editing content both in a visual editor and an HTML-based text editor
  • Customizable features with the use of plugins
  • Easy integration of third-party services
  • Large supporting community worldwide

WordPress disadvantages include;

  1. WordPress is using the wp_mail function in sending emails, which is based on PHP mail. This is really not reliable and often ends with your emails arriving in the spam folder or even not sending at all. And doesn’t come with a built-in tool to send your own emails beyond its built-in emails for password resets. In this case you’re limited in the types of emails that you can send.
  2. Website speed can be slow because of the plug-ins number. But with the right written plug-ins and limited numbers, sites can be faster.
  3. Performance suffers with loading sometimes and must be optimized.
  4. Security is the main issue of WordPress when it comes to downloadable plug-ins and themes that are beyond automatic’s control.
  5. Scalability in adding more plug-ins can be problematic because it slows the website.

What is Laravel?

On the other hand, Laravel is a free open-source PHP framework that focuses on dealing with complex tasks more easily, and its main purpose is development of web applications. It has a unit-testing feature that enables multiple tests and provides additional stability to web apps. Plus, its pragmatic MVC pattern makes Laravel a highly efficient web development tool. This technology is one of the fastest because of its framework and its built-in features give plenty of functionalities. The security is very effective too that offers; robust authentication mechanics, password encryption, routes protection and shielding from the most common threats. 

Laravel is best to use for; eCommerce websites, complex web apps, complicated backend systems and another complex, typically custom-made product design.


Laravel advantages include;

  • Developer friendly structure supported by excessive documentation
  • Implemented authentication system
  • Simple validation and authorization process for web apps
  • Easily manageable automated tasks
  • Consistency in database migrations
  • Fast and painless deployment of apps
  • Customizable features with the use of packages
  • Easy integration of third-party services
  • Large supporting community worldwide
  • Provides built-in email which WordPress doesn’t have#
  • Developers can freely modify the architecture as the project grows

Laravel disadvantages include;

  1. There is no SEO feature. So you need to do different options to optimize your content.
  2. Not suitable for newbies, since this a bit complicated to use and needs a higher level of experience to understand.
  3. Project can be longer to finish because it must be built from scratch.
  4. Cost effectiveness is more expensive than WordPress.

Technically, the main difference between WordPress and Laravel and when to use it is depending on the project you are dealing with. You need to consider the type of website is that for as mentioned above and ask guidance to professionals like Visible One, a WordPress and Laravel development company that already helped various of companies achieve their goals.

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