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Boats Trading


MasterCraft Hong Kong is the The MasterCraft Boat Company’s authorized dealer in Hong Kong since year 2018. They continue to bring the best water sports boats and luxury high-performance boats that made in United States to local. MasterCraft HK is the leader in this local market and continue to solidifies their position in this boat trading industry.



  1. Develop and design website from scratch
  2. Customize boats listing pages
  3. Create responsive for multiple screens sizes
  4. Shorter project lead time
  5. Photos sizes unable to fit in the layout
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We crafted a simple yet stylish WordPress CMS website with responsive design that suits all desktops, tablets, and mobile users. Stunning and motivation design that creates confidence atmosphere. We design this clean and neat design that suits the brand identity of the company. Together with auto-play video to allow their customer to gain more information.

Website with Brand New Designs

  • Clean and innovation design of this website stands out from their competitors. We ensure the website design is optimized to win over their customers.
  • We use the colour scheme consistently throughout the entire website that match MasterCraft’s logo that resonates with their target audience.
  • Website contents are arranged neatly and easy to read. We design web pages collectively create the overall user experience and branding for website.

Our Solution And Tech Stack

WordPress CMS Development

WordPress is used to develop this website that client wants with powerful and user-friendly features. It displays all brand story, products information and latest news. Client can manage all the website pages easily by own at anytime.

Responsive Web Design

This website is created with multiple elements that respond separately when displayed on devices with various screen sizes. We turned a static websites into a dynamic website with attractive graphics that impress their users.

Social Media Feeds

We integrate Instagram news feeds on home page to help client to leverage their social influence, gains more Instagram reach. It helps website visitors to socialize, get into conversations and connect with the client.

Product Image Editing

Our designer edit and resize the banner and products images to fit the website image standard size. Besides, we also provide most suitable and attractive images that making this website visually appealing.

Custom Page Design

Our designer use well customized design for ‘Used Boats’ and ‘Charter’ pages layouts. These pages can present enough boats images and products information in a clear and easy-to-read format for their website users.

Real Time Analytics

We integrated Google Analytics tool in this website to let client to track and analyze what are their website traffics actually doing on each web-page, and how they behave throughout their journey on this website.

Before & After

MasterCraft original website is mainly for US/Canada customers, it display the contents that are more related to that region. With this new developed website, client can easily target Hong Kong local audience by uploading relevant contents.

This website is integrated with necessary features, secured with SSL certificate, host on our stable hosting server and equipped with responsive design that compatible with most devices.

Available Models

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Lists of Colors


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