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PHP Laravel

Website Type:
Custom Website


Longchamp wanted a custom website to show and sell Le Pliage bags.

Clients are able to customize their own bag by choosing the color of different parts of the bag, hardware made, and they can also add embossing and perforation. They can also choose to save the design of the bag so they easily checkout when they return. Visible One planned thoroughly how to create the website and turned to PHP Programming, mainly Laravel, to develop the website.


  1. Customize ordering of product
  2. Wishlist Function
  3. News & Events
  4. Product Listing Function based on categories
  5. Customize Backend System


Customers can now customize their bag in a one-page customization page. With its clean and modern design, customers can see clearly what color of the bag they want, what is the color of the handle, or they can also add embossing or perforation on the bag. All of these changes can be seen real-time and they can easily checkout with just a click of a button.

Main Product Image
Change Product View
Customization Toolbox
Bag Description


  • We have implemented a website that will be accessible through all devices with different screen resolutions
  • The website will now resize the contents depending on the user’s device – PC, tablet or mobile
  • By making the website responsive, user will have better experience with the website. All texts are easily readable and content are placed better

Our Solution And Tech Stack

PHP Laravel Development

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Responsive Web Design

All our websites are responsive that works seamlessly on any device your customers use to surf your website.

Payment Integration

We setup your online store with different payment options so customers can freely choose their preferred payment method without a hassle.

Cleaner Product Design

At a first glance, you can easily tell that the website is an online store with its clean design and distinct functions like add to cart and product images.

Custom Admin Dashboard

With a customized dashboard, the admin have an easy management of the store’s inventory, orders, customer data, etc.

Enhanced Ecommerce Analytics

We integrated Google’s Enhanced Ecommerce Analytics to better understand how users interact with website, from viewing & adding to cart, to completed purchase.

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