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5 Mistakes to Avoid In Your Website Design

Website Design and development takes a lot of time, money and effort — only to be met with mediocre result. Business owners often mistake a website’s main role. They often forget that a website is not just about your products and services or the information you are providing. A website should focus more on your target customers and their needs. And communicating in a clear, precise and persuasive manner to their needs. Below, you’ll find the top five most common [...]

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8 Email Security Solutions and Phishing Attack Prevention

If you are one of the people who experienced a phishing attack or receiving an email from a hacker who is demanding payment for your personal sensitive information—such as photos or videos that are sexual in nature—to everyone including your friends and family, then this post is just right for you! Nobody wants to fall prey to a phishing scam. If you are not knowledgeable enough about this kind of things, there’s a good reason enough for cybercriminals to make [...]

Web Security

Why Web Security is Important

Your website is your online storefront that serves as the first contact with customers. The Internet presence of your business is more than just creating a website and attracting visitors to increase traffic and boost sales. Even a small business website has to assess security often. Website security is a critical element of protecting your brand. Website security is the practice of protecting your computer systems and networks from attacks. It relies on using different technologies, processes and controls to reduce [...]

Positive Online Reviews

What is the Impact of Positive Online Reviews for Your Business?

Like any other form of marketing, there is true power in online reviews. Today’s consumer rely on researching for a particular business before making a purchasing decision of their products or services. Often, this research leads to reviews. Here are some of the benefits of positive online reviews for your business: Improves Local SEO Google has over 200 ranking factors that make up its algorithm … reviews are included. Reviews are one form of user-generated content. The more positive reviews you get, Google and other [...]


How To Attract More Clients To Your Website?

In today’s digital landscape that is of never-ending changes, there seems to be a huge competition in the online market and it gets harder for business owners to attract more clients to their website. There will always be a new way to market your business online and attract new customers to your website. As a business owner that’s marketing online, what you’d like most in the world is more traffic to your site. There are many ways you can increase [...]

Local SEO, Search Engine Optimization

Why Your Business Needs Local SEO Services

Looking for more customer to visit your website, increase traffic and boost sales? Then you should be interested in local SEO services. With the unceasingly growing online environment that is the World Wide Web, it can be challenging to stay on top of the trends as they take place. But local SEO services can help you with this challenge as it offers a much targeted online marketing approach. Local SEO companies allows you to rank high your business on search [...]

SEO, SEO Singapore, Search Engine Optimization

SEO Singapore – Can You Rank Successfully In Such A Competitive City?

Singapore is a city with a huge competition in the online market, meaning it’s almost impossible to make your business successful on the Internet if you’re not appearing in the search engines. Google rankings have a massive effect on your business’s success, growth, and meeting your goals, whether or not you want to admit it. For that reason, ranking organically in the search engines using proper SEO is one of the most essential tools of improving your website rankings. This, coupled with [...]

Customer Satisfaction Through Responsive Web Design

As the digital era is continuously improving, a solid online presence and a responsive website are major factors for businesses success today. When it comes to website design, a good quality site is important in order to benefit from their online presence. However, one mistake that many businesses tend to make is to have a web design that solely focuses on the business’s point of view rather than from that of the consumer. So, if you redesign or create a new [...]

PPC,pay-per-click advertising, pay-per-click marketing

What is PPC? Learn About Pay-Per-Click Marketing

What is PPC? PPC stands for pay-per-click, is a method of purchasing keywords or key terms from search engines in order to get your ad on the first page and gain visits naturally. The good thing with PPC marketing compared to other Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is that you only pay for the clicks your ad receives and not for the views. Search engines like Google and Bing have preset a minimum rate on any given keyword or search term, according to its popularity and competition where the [...]

5 Important Elements of an Ecommerce Web Design

The ways of conducting business over the past two decades has transformed significantly in terms of how they operate. Websites becomes mandatory for businesses to build their brand and increase business. This is called ecommerce. The overall goal of your Ecommerce web design is to sell a product and generate revenue. To achieve that, here are some of the elements of ecommerce web design that are must-have for any progressive online business. 1.    eCommerce Checkout The checkout process is the most important [...]