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CMS website? CMS or ‘Content Management System’ website is the latest trend in businesses. It is a software system that allows users with little knowledge of web programming languages to create and manage website content with ease.

So, if you’re a hands-on person who would likely to have total control of your own website, then you have bunged up to the right web page.

What is Content Management Systems (CMS)?

Simply, Content Management System or CMS is a software or a system that control and manages the content of your website. WordPress, Drupal and Joomla are the most popular content management systems providing comprehensive tools for the programmers all over the world. It is so easy to use that even with no knowledge in coding, you could use it with ease and it is highly customizable. It is an open-source license that gives developers the freedom to modify and redistribute the code.

These three have, thus, spawned large communities of programmers who make improvements and create add-ons that build up the software’s core capabilities. These communities are part of larger ecosystems that include extensive training resources such as books, videos and conferences. And because they are so popular, one advantage is that it is relatively easy to find developers and administrators who are familiar with the tools.


Why is it Time for your Business to OPT for CMS?

A lot of business owners find it difficult to keep their web site content up-to-date as they would like. Given that, clients search out outdated information because there are delays for new content on your website. For this reason, Google may well demote you in its listings. As a result, many companies are using CMS.

CMS is definitely important to your business. Why? Here are Three Good Reasons you should use a CMS:

Improving Efficiency

CMS increase efficiency in publishing, editing, doing some revisions that do not require specific visual design and coding knowledge. It allows the owner for real-time updates to their business, saving huge amount of time and energy.

Optimizing Search Engine Ranking

CMS will make it easier for you to keep your content updated which helps to improve or maintain your website’s search engine ranking with its built-in SEO friendly features. This also allows your business to be relevant and encourage external contributions (e.g. comments, blogs, forum, etc).

Easier Search for Information

Not only CMS is formed to make website content management easier, also new content is indexed automatically so that it can instantly be found. Visitors who land on the page are permitted to use taxonomy application, saved searches and sorting lists to make it better for their search experience.

Why Choose Visible One to Develop your CMS Website?

Visible one is committed to do what is best for all the clients. We make sure that all our clients will not feel any hassle of managing and designing their website. We can establish you a powerful CMS website to ensure your personal ‘online brand’, maintaining your website to be relevant in search engines, and updating your website without the hassle. Once we developed your CMS website, we don’t require any monthly fees or maintenance fees.

You can maintain control over your content! Except that you have need of any support, then surely we are here for you. So, what are you waiting for?

Characteristics of a Content Management System (CMS) Website


Using a CMS website is just like using a word-processing software that can write and publish online, so anyone with some knowledge of Microsoft Word should be able to use a CMS website. What’s more is that you are able to post media such as photos, music and videos effortlessly – easy-peasy!

There are other colleagues delegated to maintain the website? No problem! You can manage roles and publishing permissions for your other colleagues’ user account to let them input and maintain contents in the website while you go about your priorities.

Editing can be done with any normal web browser from anywhere in the world even your iPad, tablet or even your mobile device, so CMS website is really great for clients on the go or for multiple users!

When you manage a website, convenience is the key. Changes and maintenance are made convenient as you do not need to tweak a bunch of pages for a single change, you would just need to tweak 1 page for all the pages in a CMS website. Content management is easy – you can simply edit, remove or unpublish outdated pages or add in new content whenever you want.

SEO plays an important role as it helps to rank your website well in the search engines. CMS websites have the ability to let you manage its SEO however you need it to be with ease!

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