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Updated November 27, 2023Published February 19, 2019
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Consumers today has changed the way they purchase products and services. With having more control on the information they consume, inbound marketing strategy allows businesses to reach their prospects in a targeted and relevant manner that helps to improve their brand name, generate leads and improve sales.

Visible One is a HubSpot’s Agency Partner that offer an all-in-one software for small and medium enterprises that want to transform their business by providing exceptional inbound marketing and sales services.

What is inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is about attracting the right customers, at the right time, by producing the right content using digital marketing tools like content, search, social and email marketing. It is the process of getting found, converting interested site visitors into opt-in leads, and nurturing leads with educational content that helps turn them into customers.

As an aspirant digital marketing agency in Hong Kong and Singapore who wants to grow and committed to help our clients expand in the unceasingly growing digital arena, we recently teamed up with HubSpot’s Agency Partner Program. Aside from inbound marketing software, we also provide expert guidance, interminable support, and training to help our clients grow and succeed online.

The platform is very user friendly and perfect for daily operations because all our work is grouped in one place from offering inbound services, scheduling social media posts, blogging, email marketing, following engagement, analyzing our reach and visits from all sources, constructing our landing pages, pretty much everything we do day by day is already in one place.

HubSpot's software includes effective tools that help us to grow a business, simplifies the process, and makes online ads more efficient at achieving higher ROI and improving client retention. When used properly, HubSpot's software helps us to rely less on chartering audiences through advertising and focus more on creating "marketing assets" that attract, convert and nurture visitors into leads and sales and then continuously analyze each step to find opportunities for improvement.

As a HubSpot Marketing Agency Partner, we earned more than providing a great inbound marketing platform with many benefits that could help your business grow online. Here some of the many benefits of Inbound Marketing:  

1. Increases Visibility and Brand Awareness

Nowadays more than 80% of buyers start their search online. This means your company should have a strong presence in the search results to be able to get found by the right customers. 

There are several ways to do this and inbound marketing offers a wide range of practices such as social media, quality blog posts, slideshows, infographics, PPC and SEO techniques that helps to optimize the content structure of a website and all its components that build your brand name and raise awareness about your company thus improve its Google and Bing search rankings.

By producing valuable content that is aligned with the buyer’s journey, you can attract the attention of your ideal customers and will be able to find your information as they conduct their research through the search engines using specific keywords you are targeting.

2. Cost effective and ROI secure

Let’s cut straight to it, inbound marketing is ultimately more affordable and effective in comparison to outbound marketing. Lead to lead, inbound marketing costs 62% less than traditional outbound marketing. Inbound is cost effective and that automatically mean better opportunities for ROI. Getting on the inbound bandwagon is helpful for your bottom line and your brand.

By providing the right content at the right time to your ideal customers, you are allowing to find you easily when they are conducting a research online. When they found you online, you can collect data from your them and learn your audience. Inbound helps you make better-informed decisions and more wisely spend your time on the right activities.

3. Increases Trust and Credibility

Unlike traditional outbound marketing, which depend on on cold calls or advertisements, inbound marketing techniques are far less pushy and rely more on the user to take the initiative.

Simply put, inbound attracts potential customers who are already actively looking for products and services like what your company offers through search or social. By giving them what they are already looking for through quality and relevant content, they are that much more likely to choose your business, rather than your competitors. Thus, builds credibility for your company because it shows that you can help them with what they are looking for.

4. Generates quality traffic & leads

In inbound marketing, content is king. Due to its content-driven nature, inbound marketing allows companies to produce targeted content for your ideal customer that addresses specific problems and answers relevant consumer questions which aligns with your buyers’ journeys.

The more frequently you produce valuable content, the more often those prospects are likely to visit your website and engage with it longer. When this happens, you’ll be ready for them with calls to actions, top-notch landing pages and content offers that will help them make their decision that will eventually drive traffic to your website and generates trusted relationships that you can turn into leads. This makes it no wonder why inbound in contrast to outbound marketing delivers 54% more leads.

5. Accurate Analytics

Finally, inbound marketing can leverage your business by providing your company with a more transparent measure of your marketing initiative’s success.

As a HubSpot partner, we have an entire ecosystem at our fingertips to help support the growth and success of our clients through HubSpot analytics tool.

This tool gives us the full feature to oversee, measure and analyze our whole marketing funnel from acquisition to close at any time. The tool provides accurate and detailed reports for all our marketing assets including emails, blog posts, social media accounts, websites, landing pages, and more that help us streamline internal processes and improve our operational efficiency.

To summarize, it’s apparent that inbound marketing can ultimately benefit businesses in this digital age. Interested to power your business growth through inbound marketing? Contact Visible One today!

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