Fulbright is one of the reliable financial institution in Hong Kong. The website displays the most updated and trustworthy information and news.

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Fulbright provides professional financial services and solutions.

Since 1999, Fulbright Finance Group Holdings is established in Hong Kong. Over 20 years, Fulbright becomes a large-scale integrated financial enterprise nowadays. Fulbright Financial Group is current wholly owned subsidiaries which including Fulbright Securities Ltd, Fulbright Futures Ltd and Fulbright Asset Management Ltd.



  1. Embed various iframes to websites to show realtime data
  2. Develop Fulbright TV pages and integrate Youtube API function
  3. Migrate 2 years website data from old site to new site
  4. Organize various types of data in table format
  5. Customize website frontend and backend


The website looks modern and more user friendly. The website shows the realtime financial products price, market trends and various indices. Besides, client can check back the recent 2 years posts and videos on new website. Meanwhile, client also have a customized backend to manage website efficiently and effectively.

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Their Old Website & Problems

  • Lack of mobile responsive design. Client’s revenue could have lost 50% in the past due to the lack of responsive design on the site because 50% of total ecommerce revenue comes from mobile.
  • Website is not customizable. Client is unable to enjoy more features on website as per own requirements and needs. They could have lost 94% customers because of poor design and lack of trust in web functions.
  • Products and services are not organized and listed properly. The old website can’t help user to look up the products and services they need, and they are not able to check the financial products analysis reports by experts easily.

Our Solution And Tech Stack

ASP.Net Development

We use ASP.NET Development to develop this website that client wants with powerful and user-friendly features. It is a type of website that can let investors check realtime stock prices and financial news.

Responsive Web Design

This website is created with multiple elements that respond separately when displayed on devices with various sizes. We turned a static websites into a dynamic website with attractive images and graphics that impress their customers any device.

API Integration

The most popular video platform – Youtube is integrated into this ASP.NET website. All of ther website visitors will be able to watch the live videos through this website and also can rewatch the previous live videos anytime.

Cleaner Table Design

The current tables in the web pages has become cleaner and can takes users through product, details, descriptions, login url, and other details of related products/services. In short, it is more attractive compared to the previous design.

Social Media Integration

We integrated social media share buttons, icons and live feeds in this website such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube to help client to increase awareness of content, provide opportunity to share content easily, and improve user experience.

Real Time Analytics

Track and analyze website traffic data is very important, so we integrate analytic tool in this website to let client monitors what are visitors actually doing on each webpage, and how they behave throughout their journey on this website.

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