Laravel is one of the most popular open-source frameworks for website development. It’s a powerful tool that can fulfill client that has specific needs on eCommerce website.

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Sun Shun Fuk Foods Co Ltd as known as Sau Tao was founded in 1960 by Mr. Cheng Yiu Pang in Hong Kong. They are a well-known noodle supplier.

The client wants to create an online store where website visitors can browse different kinds of products based on categories. Client needs a powerful content management system and inventory system to manage their products such as noodles, frozen food, imported products, sauces and beverage. Lastly, they also need a timeline to display their company’s stories for the over 60 years.



  1. Need to organize a lot of products categories and subcategories
  2. Develop recipes pages and have to link products details page with relevant recipes
  3. Export big amount of products data from old website and import to new website
  4. Export existing customer list from old website and import them to new website
  5. Customized website frontend and backend with more effective website features


Sau Tao new website is integrated with all necessary powerful eCommerce website features, secured with SSL certificate and its mobile responsive design is compatible with most desktops and mobile devices. Their website users can easily to find and purchase the famous noodles products that they want using the sorting and filter options.

Big Product Image and Gallery
Product Name & Description
Product Customization

Their Old Website & Problems

  • Before our website project team revamped the website, the old website design is outdated and lack of hover effect. It also does not have customized website frontend and backend which are more scalable.
  • After we revamp the website, the frontend of the website looks more attractive, user friendly and with mobile responsive. Besides, we also able to do more customization on the website functions based on client’s needs.
  • Compared with the old website, client can have better product management through the customized Laravel CMS. Besides, the website users also can use any devices to do the online shopping anytime.

Our Solution And Tech Stack

Laravel Development

We use Laravel to develop this online store which is much easier to create customized website function than with PHP itself. It has a set of ready tasks, which are commonly used in eCommerce website project.

Custom Web Design

We customize the web design for Sau Tao instead of using website templates. The website can have a unique design that can personalized and have a web design that will fit the business and is more adaptable to the company’s needs.

Related Products

Related Products section is also added beneath the product description. This is the essential element to improve the conversions. Besides, this also allow customers to find the products they need and are relevant to them quickly and easily.

Website Navigation

Our team designed and developed a helpful and easy site navigation for this pc and mobile version website which can make visitors stay longer on the site to incerease the chance to convert them into leads.

One-Page Checkout

We develop one page checkout to shortens the purchase funnel. It’s convenient for website users because they can fill in the purchase form and buy products on a single page. It will also reduce checkout abandonment rate.

Rewards Program

Our development team created membership and reward programs for website users. These loyalty programs can make customers become loyal to a brand and shoppers more likely to buy from the website again.

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