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Professional Video Production about your business, products or services is the best creative solution for companies to connect with your target customers and deliver your message in a relevant and accessible way.

People loves videos

Includes fresh and interesting visual elements that people love which increases web traffic and click-through rates.

promo video, promotional video production, promotional video agency, video maker

Videos explain EVERYTHING

Explains your business idea in a funny, creative and entertaining way for your customers to understand you well.

promo video, promotional video production, promotional video agency, video maker

Boost Conversion & Sale

Offers more online visibility and brand awareness which grabs audience attention increase in site visits and sales.

Video Samples

Looking for some inspiration? Take a look at our range of work on corporate video production for our clients in Hong Kong. Explore our recent works!

Why Choose Visible One Promo Video Production Services

As an award-winning video production agency in Hong Kong, Visible One strives to help Hong Kong companies engage, educate and inspire their audiences through compelling video content..

promo video, promotional video production, promotional video agency, video maker
promotion video, video production, video editing, video editing services

Professional Looking Videos

As a professional video production company, we take into consideration the brand, audience, message and advertising platforms of your business with our video production and editing services to produce high quality video content.

promotion video, video production, video editing, video editing services

From Concept To Final Video

We create a careful pre-production planning to ensure we fully understand your requirements then produce videos using professional video editing software that guarantees a 100% satisfaction.

promotion video, video production, video editing, video editing services

No Hidden Costs

We can help you boost your sales without spending too much with our affordable video production pricing without extra charges yet engaging videos for awesome brands.

promotion video, video production, video editing, video editing services

Customer Support

Our dedicated video production team offers an ongoing communication to assist to all your needs to make sure everything run smoothly.


We strategize, produce and deliver high-end videos content to give your product, service or business ideas a personality, educating your audience and builds trust with them.

promotion video, video production, video editing, video editing services
promotion video, video production, video editing, video editing services

Professional looking videos

We use HD quality cameras, cutting-edge technologies and latest trends to create a polished, professional-looking marketing videos that communicate your brand message while impresses your audience.


A video on your site can make your audience stay longer and engage with your site and allow them to share your brand on social channels which increase brand awareness that lead to increased sales, and a lower ‘bounce rate’.

promotion video, video production, video editing, video editing services

Captivate your customers with awesome videos!


Video Creation PROCESS

Our video production service is created with a simple and holistic process to produce custom designed solution for your specific need and your audience all backed up by our satisfaction guarantee.

Requirement Analysis

First, we will schedule a meeting with you on your available time and discuss the objectives, budget and target audience of your video and how it will be used after it is finalized. We will let you fill out forms to gather all the information we need for the entire project, and create a proposal to align your expectations, educate each other with different ideas, define the features and scope, timeline, outline cost and duration.


Using the information we gathered from phase one, it is time to put them together to develop a detailed project plan that helps guide each phase of the project. The plan outlines much better understanding of your business, key deliverable dates and review timeframes and approvals. All these details will help ensure that the production phase of the promo video goes smoothly.


In this stage, we craft a script and storyboard (a rough drawn mockup of an idea) to serve as the master plan for the project. We write the script and create the storyboard ourselves in the first instance and make changes in the second version according to your suggestions. Any amends required are discussed and changed until the script and storyboard is approved and we can move to the next stage.


The next step is to create the final idea to life. Our team will start to combine the script and storyboard and add graphics, animations and special effects to enhance the impact of the video. While sound mixing and editing is done to create the audio tracks. Music will either be selected by us or custom music is composed and recorded if required.


After the production phase is finished, our promotion video production team will begin the polish all the details and process to organize and edit the actual video to ensure the video conveys the right message and has an emotional impact on the audience. After that, the final product will be thoroughly checked before sending to you for approval.


After editing, we send it over to you to let you watch the video and make comments. We build in several rounds of revisions for our clients. We recognize the investment our clients make in video production, so we want to make sure we get it right. Assuming there are some changes that are needed to be done, the revision process can begin.


Once the video is finalized and approved, the final version of the video is then delivered to the client. We can develop all the file formats you’ll need for a specific type of distribution. If you need files for your site, YouTube or another platform, we’re experts in handling the encoding process, you just have to communicate that with our team.


Convey messages & illustrate complex ideas with a fun & great videos today

Video that are focused on your bottom line is one of the best ways to engage, and inform your audience. Videos takes your business to the next level!

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promotion video, video production, video editing, video editing services

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a consultation about the kind of video I should create?

Yes. We offer a free consultation with you to have a better understanding of your needs and wants. We will also explain to you our video production process and provide you the different types of videos we create for you to choose from.

Can you use and edit footage shot by us or other companies?

Yes. We edit video shot by you. You just have to provide us the editable footage and we will do the editing.

What format do you shoot in and can provide end video result?

We shoot using our HD quality cameras. We use applications to provide a high-quality videos in MPEG4 format, .avi, .webm and other formats that are suitable for your needs.

How far in advance do I need to book a video project with you?

Basically, as soon as possible especially if the project is rush. You can book one week in advance so there will be more time for pre-production and revisions.

How long does the process take?

The length of time it can take to produce a film can vary, however we do have a fast track option, should there be a tight deadline that needs meeting. Typically, if the project is rush, a short video can be created in 3 days. Our video creator can do it in 1 day and another 1 day for revisions. Once approved, we will furnish the finish product and we can market the video on your website or YouTube if you prefer.

Do you provide video creation in multiple languages?

Yes, but for the most part, you need to tell us during the consultation so that we can plan accordingly. When we quote, we generally quote for one language and then quote as additional work for the other language versions.

How will we communicate throughout the project?

We will communicate with every step of the process via email or WhatsApp. We will always ask for your feedback and if you have any revisions, we do them accordingly. After the production process, we will send the video project to you for approval.

If I lost my video file, can you supply another copy?

Of course! We always keep back-ups of all our projects and can supply a replacement by file transfer free of charge.

How much does the promotional video cost?

Our video production cost depends on your requirements from basic video to premium video. You may contact us for a free quotation and know more about our price range.

What are the payment options?

We accept instant bank transfer or payment via PayPal. Payment details are provided on the invoice.

Want to Meet Face to Face?

For Your Next Video Production Project, Please Contact us today to start discussion on your vision and needs for your project.

Let’s talk about you and your business. Simply fill out the form below or call us directly and we will respond with a free quote and information about our affordable plans and packages within 24 hours.