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Visible One –Best Virtual Tour Company

Visible One is an innovative Digital Solution and Web Development agency specialized in providing web-based IT solutions including. Since 2015 we work with Google Map with Street View Technology for the Business View, then we make Customized Virtual Tour and MatterPort Tour in order to fulfill different customer requirement and needs. 

In our Virtual Tour Service, we add responsive interactive content and additional technology to the customers’ tour for more interactive and creative, so that visitors have a rich tour experience. On the other hand, quality is always most of our concern, so we trained our team and all of them have about 5 years or above photography handling experience. 



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Differences between Matterport and Custom Virtual Tour

Both of the 360° virtual tours are using different technologies and have different features. They are suitable for companies and organizations with different budgets and businesses. The special feature of Matterport is that you can use its unique cloud technology to make your space into a 3D model, and create floor plan automatically, so that the layout of the entire place can be seen at a glance. Customized 360° virtual tour can be designed freely to support more functions and interactive content. Not sure which one is right for your business? Contact us, our experienced team can provide you with professional advice.


Matterport Features

Scanned By 3D Camera Your Place will be Scanned by a Lastest MatterPort 3D Camera, all your places will scanned and create a 3D Modeling for the your Audience.
3D Doll House Matterport software can auto create a 3D Doll House for your Virtual Tour to show how an entire property fits together
Floor Plan ​Understand layout in a glance with top to bottom of Floorplan View that is created by Matterport software.
Measurement Tool​ ​Visitor can select the Measurement Tool to find out the dimensions of objects and rooms.
Mattertags™ Insert Mattertag to highlight key features within your place with texts, images or videos to increase deeper engagement with your virtual content.
Floor Selector Floor Plan Navigation can let visitors quickly and easily jump around a giant property without having to navigate point by point.
360° view in 4K Make impact to your visitors with gorgeous 4K-quality 360° virtual tour and make your place and product range presented at the highest detail.
Autoplay Encourage visitors to interact with your 3D models by creating an Autoplay journey throughout your venue and enabling users to simply click to play.
Virtual Reality With Virtual Reality mode, visitors can just put on a VR headset and explore the best ways of experiencing your place.
Navigation Menu The navigation menu at the bottom of the tour enables visitors to move instantly to any area within your tour which useful to help them to find their way around your venue.
Mobile Version The tours are fully mobile compatible! The virtual tours are responsive to most of the mobile devices in the market.
More Matterport 3D Tour has more and more features that can help your business, email us to get more information.

Custom Tour features

Embed on Website The virtual tours can be embedded into your website via a custom “iframe” embed link. It also can be embedded into your Facebook Page.
View Offline All of the customized 360 virtual tours can be made to view offline only and you can also save your tour on USB.
Autorotation Enable auto rotation feature so that when a visitor visits your virtual tour, the tour will rotate automatically.
Background Music Users can start the tour with background music on or off. A background music while visiting a virtual place can make a great difference to the experience.
Floor Plan Shows the floor plan and show where you are in the virtual tour through the floor plan function.
Custom Hotspot Place custom hotspots icons on your virtual tour and display descriptions, images and videos to introduce about the hotspots.
Website Box Can open a window to browse a website within the 360 virtual tour.
PDF Inside The Tour Able to open a PDF file inside the 360 Virtual Tour.
Image gallery Display image gallery within the 360 Virtual Tour.
Tour Menu Display a navigation menu inside your tour to categorize each group of panorama.
Mobile Responsive Customize the 360 degree virtual tour to becomes mobile compatibility. Visitors can view the tour through any devices they want.
VR Ready The customized tour are Virtual Reality ready, users can always use the VR googles to view the virtual tour for full experience.
Video Box You can display videos hosted on YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and many more video platforms.
Video Inside The Tour You can display a video directly inside the tour (for example, to play in a tv/monitor).
More Customized Virtual Tour enables to add more customized features to increase the interactions with visitors, email us to get more information.

Why Choose Visible One 360° Virtual Tour Service

Visible One is a Google Street View Trusted Agency in Hong Kong that are trained to make businesses shine online through the 360° Virtual Tour experience. .

Innovative & Result Driven

As a virtual tour agency, our approach is inspired by innovation and latest technology to create the best virtual tour product that satisfy the needs of our client.

Premium and High-Quality Photos

We shot in high resolution to maximise quality to High Definition Interactive 360 Virtual Tours that will truly promote your location and sell your products quickly.

Panoramic Specialists

As a Google certified photographer, our tours are made up of a series of quality 360 panoramic images, which are combined into an interactive walk-through tour.

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Dedicated to Client Success

We are dedicated to help businesses achieve online success with immersive Virtual Tour. Not only this, we are also the best web agency that care about your website, marketing and all-round services.


As a web design company, we understand your website is one of the most important marketing channels or operation platforms for business, we commit to provide our best technology and expertise to help your business expand its horizon globally.

Passionate About Technology

With our passion for photography and technology, we help clients adapt to the latest technologies to produce the most innovative and immersive virtual tours which fit business objectives and needs.

We Care For Your Growth

We understand SMEs are lacking human resources, latest network information and support. We are pleased to provide free useful information, negotiable budgets, and assistance in web development.

We Offer The Best Price

It is not easy to have the best technologies and services at the cheapest price, but this is our goal. We offer the latest technology and quality service to SMEs to own website with satisfactory price.

Limitless Features & Capabilities

We are committed to help your business standout online by creating attractive and interactive virtual tours! We will fully understand your business unique selling-point and goals before make suggestion to you.

Increase Traffic & Interactive

Besides 360 degree virtual tours creation, we focus on its visibility. The virtual tour created by our agency will give you the opportunity to attract more customers to visit, stay and interact with your website.

Long Term Relationship

We are committed to create good and long-lasting relationships with our customers even their virtual tours have been launched. We are also able to offer help in marketing, web and IT services for your company further success!

Our Process

We make everything easy for our clients. Our 5-step process is simple, clear and hassle-free.



Let’s talk about Virtual Tour and your business. Give us a call or fill out our form to schedule a meeting to discuss about your business needs whenever is convenient for you.



Our Certified Photographers will visit your location to capture your premises for the virtual tour. The process will take approximately 1 hour depending on the venue size and panoramic points.



After the shoot, the high-quality still photographs will be stitched into 360-degree views. We will create the virtual tour according to your requirements and make it look fantastic.



If you require to expand the functions of 360 Virtual Tour to a more advanced Virtual Tour, or add-on Matterport features we will work on customizing your tour according to your request.



We published your Matterport 3D Tour and Virtual Tour on on your website and Facebook. If you require, we will also embed Customized Virtual tour on Google Search and Google Maps.


*depending on the technologies and venue size

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire you to do the Google Virtual Tour?

We have a great team and Google Trusted Photographer that provide professional equipment and latest technology from Google and Matterport. We make sure your tour will be of best quality and clothes with great functions. Hence, our experienced team will lead you throughout the project without any hassle. Besides, our fees are very competitive and attractive comparing to others. Contact us Now!

What is Matterport?

Matterport is 360° virtual tour hardware equipment and software platform technology developed by a company in USA. Matterport cameras can be used to scan the space in a 360° panorama and create virtual 3D models, which can be used to present navigation effects similar to virtual tour websites. It supports various devices such as smart phones, tablets and desktop computers, as well as VR, it will provide your customers with a 360-degree immersive browsing experience.

What is the special features of Matterport 3D Tour?

The biggest feature of Matterport 3D Virtual Tour is that it can capture 3D spatial data and obtain a rough 3D model of the room. That is, the forward effect presented in the visual function of Doll House view and the switching of 360° Virtual Tour. Through unique technology, it supports 4K HD resolution, which can transform your space into a 360° 3D model. With various unique tools such as measuring ruler and label functions, your VR virtual tour will be more attractive.

I don’t have a website, do I still need the Virtual Tour?

Yes. A Google Virtual Tour plays an excellent role in making customers convenient, it allows them to experience your venue and gain confidence in your business. It can also showcase your business and venue in Google Map, Google Street View, Google plus, Facebook and embedding into many other online platforms, this way, visitors will get to know your business, location, accessibility and venue easily. All these channels would increase your online presence and the Google search engine listing, especially in local business listing and Google Map. This is a great way to grow your business in online marketing. Feel free to talk to our specialist, we will give you a deeper insight on your business.

How long is the venue photo-shooting session?

The duration of photo-shooting depends on the size of venue and number of photo-point for the virtual tour. Normally a 500 – 1,000 sqf venue will take around 1 hour for photo-shooting. If you have bigger sizes or multiple floors, please contact us to get a more accurate time frame for your project.

What equipment and tools do you use for photo-shooting?

We are using newer professional Nikon and Cannon DSLR cameras with different kinds of lenses, tripods and special tripod heads for most of panoramic and still images capturing. In addition, Matterport camera will be used to shoot the Matterport 3D virtual tour. We always carry different types of equipment for specific venue’s needs, as all venues have different situations.

How much does it cost normally?

Our Virtual Tour pricing depends on the size of venue, the number of photo-point and the advanced features required for the virtual tour. So it varies for each virtual tour project. Besides, according to our surveillance, we have great advantage in project fee in the market. Want to know the accurate fee for your venue? Contact us now, we will reply you immediately with our best quotation for your project.

Are there any extra charges after the Virtual Tour is on-live?

It depends on which technology you choose. Google Virtual Tour is hosted by Google, just like Google map and Google Street View, therefore it is free of charge. Matterport Tour needs to be hosted on Matterport’s server, so there will be some charges. You should not be charged any fee for hosting your Google Virtual Tour. Still have unanswered question regarding the charges? Tell us now, we will try our best to find the answer for you.

Can you assist in my product photo-shooting during the process?

Currently we do not provide any product photo-shoot service, however all of your products will be featured in the virtual tour as we will capture the high-quality 360 degree interior in the virtual tour, your products and other details will be included in the virtual tour indefinitely. If you have any further inquiry, do contact us now.

Should I prepare anything before the photo-shoot?

Yes. In order to capture the best images of your business and venue, you may need to make sure that the location is clean, tidy and in good condition for photo-shooting. As usually our photo-shooting will be conducted only once, there would be a surcharge applied for re-shooting. Please tell us more about your venue condition, so that we will be well-prepared.


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