Revamped Platform for Pangea Source

Pangea Source

Project Background

Pangea Source, an innovative company specializing in customized goods with unique logo printing, sought to enhance its operational capabilities through digital transformation. To meet the growing demand for personalized products, they required a sophisticated online platform capable of integrating an inventory system with outlet share functionalities. Recognizing the need to facilitate direct communication between designers and customers, Pangea Source aimed to implement a chat system that would allow for seamless discussions about logo customization directly on their sales platform. This integration was essential to provide a user-friendly experience for retail and wholesale transactions, ensuring members could easily navigate the warehouse system and engage effectively with the design process.

Our Process

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Revamped Platform for Pangea Source

Before website is revamped, the website frontend and backend is not customizable. Client is unable to manage and control more features of the website as per own requirements and needs.

After website is redesign, client can enjoy more powerful, useful, and stable website features. They also able to manage the contents easily by themselves and organize the contents nicely.

Our professional team redesign the website to improve the overall user experience, add more website’s functionality and help client to grab more audience’s attention by adding new technology to the website.

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