Boost your team’s productivity using Staffcop Enterprise. Features include screenshot monitoring, web & app usage tracking, powerful reports, integrations, keyboard and mouse activity tracking and more.

Setup in minutes on your own server or help us let you install.

All in One Security Tool

User behavior analysis. Anomaly orincident warning. Detection of threats at an early stage. Incident investigation tools

Employee Monitoring

Track working hours. Productivity assessment. Archive all activities on your computer. Monitoring of absence from work.

Remote Admin

Remote administration and computer control. Block web pages without a proxy. Lock applications in Windows OS.


Time Tracking

Accurate time tracking to calculate productivity


Automated screenshots to help track activity

Website Tracking

Categorize productive & unproductive websites

Detailed Reports

Timesheet and Statistics, Export or email reports

Email Tracking

Archive all emails sent or received through the corporate server

Chats/IM Monitoring

Store user’s chat history and track SIP communications

Network Activity

Get info on network connections, with filtering criteria as IP and ports

Files Monitoring

Track file and document activities as well as print operations

Application Usage

Know every detail how an application was used

Remote Control

View remote desktops in real-time mode, several screens at once

USB Device Control

Control the usage of removable devices, such as USB drives

Data Loss Prevention

Ensure information security within your network


StaffCop provides a unique, fully integrated solution that focuses on detection and response to insider threats through a combination of advanced behavioral analysis and context-rich logging of insider activity.


Record and gather all types of activity events of employee’s computer at the end points for company subsequent analysis, notifications and decision making.


Employer will get automatic and statistical analysis of data to detect and analyze anomalies of user behavior, identify incidents, insiders and disloyal employees.


Automatic alerts about violations of security policies, dangerous and unproductive activities of employees to let employer take necessary action in a timely manner.


Pre-configured & self-made reports width periodic e-mail sending to your inbox. You can easily create detailed reports that you preferred with a powerful constructor.


Blocking access to “negative” sites, running applications and removable USB storages to reduces the risk of malware infection and increase employee productivity.


Search for all data for keywords and regular expressions, easy correlation & drilldown allows you to find data cleared from noise in just a few clicks anytime.

Ensure Proof of Work and Fair Payroll

See how much your employees are really working, whether they’re late, and how much they should be paid in case they’re working at an hourly rate. It’s an effective monitoring tools for work from home employees.

Increased Transparency on Work

Get a clear record of everything your employees did while at work. You’ll know what time they started work, which tasks they work on, and which websites and apps they used.

Protect Your Business In Heightened Concern

Keep your employees focused and protect your business from unwanted lost hours of work and as a result, operations and goals of each tasks can stay on track.


Software License

The license can provide you with valuable information about your employees. We offer 3 types of license: 3-months, 12-months, and Perpetual. The fees are calculated by number of Agents included in the license

Server Setup

We provide professional system installation and server setup service within 1-2 business days after you purchase the employee monitoring software from us. We will make sure you are able to use the system in a hassle-free way.

Software Support

We offer an array of professional I.T. support services to you if you purchase the monitoring software to us. Our expert I.T. team is dedicated to assist you on the monitoring system bugs, errors or issues that you face.


Employee Monitoring Software allows you to effectively detect, prevent, respond, monitor and review any employee activity on company workstations to reduce risks of corporate data loss. Using the software, professionals can thoroughly monitor company resources for existing data leaks or prevent them from occurring in the future.

Track employees in real time

You can see your employees workstation in real time, what applications are running, which sites are they accessing, which employees are working on social networks, and more.

Monitor employee performance

Report Wizard creates detailed reports of employee activity at his workstation and allows the administrator to detect employee idle time at work. All information is presented in charts and comparison tables.

Increase motivation

Employees are more motivated to improve their work efficiency when they are aware that their activities at workstations are monitored. They will spend more productive time with more responsibility at work.

Prevent data loss

Employee Monitoring Software is a tool to investigate and prevent data loss. It blocks any attempt to steal sensitive data and helps you investigate suspicious activity on corporate workstations.


Track employees’ computers activities through automatic screenshots. Get a clear picture and monitor your employees’ time and effort spends on each assigned task. Review employees working status on the web easily anytime, anywhere.


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