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Increase Your E-commerce Site Performance through Better Product Categorization

Product categorization may be one of the most important, as well as the most difficult to set up on an eCommerce site for the comparison-shopping engines. Most eCommerce site owners know that the better the product categorization, the more potential customers will visit, stay longer on the site and browse for more products that will bring traffic, which will increase revenue in a big way. E-commerce sites require a special amount of detail and an exceptional user-friendly experience for site [...]

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6 Reasons Why People Don’t Buy From Your Ecommerce Website

Today, with the increase usage of the Internet, customers choose to use online channels or ecommerce websites to purchase what they need just to escape from face-to-face interaction with salesperson because they feel pressure or uncomfortable when dealing with salespeople and do not want to be manipulated and controlled in the marketplace. This is especially true for those customers who may have had negative experience with the salesperson, or they just want to be free and make decision by [...]


How to Provide Exceptional Customer Service for E-commerce

Customer service is very significant especially today that almost everyone is connected to the internet. Exceptional customer service is crucial for customer satisfaction and retention, as well as profitability in the eCommerce industry. Each product or service sold online is supposed to be backed up by a customer service as a part of its quality guarantee.  A research report of American Express shows that 58% of customers are willing to spend more on companies that provide excellent customer service. Therefore, it is important to maintain [...]

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E-commerce Benefits to SMEs

Electronic Commerce, also known as ecommerce, entails purchasing and selling of products or services through electronic systems like computer networks and the Internet. In an era of the informational age and globalization, many markets become increasingly international and competitive. SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) must embrace e-commerce to reconstruct the traditional operational process of them to survive with new challenging business environment. Electronic commerce can be called as one of the most innovative and revolutionary developments of the technological [...]