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Positive Online Reviews

What is the Impact of Positive Online Reviews for Your Business?

Like any other form of marketing, there is true power in online reviews. Today’s consumer rely on researching for a particular business before making a purchasing decision of their products or services. Often, this research leads to reviews. Here are some of the benefits of positive online reviews for your business: Improves Local SEO Google has over 200 ranking factors that make up its algorithm … reviews are included. Reviews are one form of user-generated content. The more positive reviews you get, Google and other [...]

Local SEO, Search Engine Optimization

Why Your Business Needs Local SEO Services

Looking for more customer to visit your website, increase traffic and boost sales? Then you should be interested in local SEO services. With the unceasingly growing online environment that is the World Wide Web, it can be challenging to stay on top of the trends as they take place. But local SEO services can help you with this challenge as it offers a much targeted online marketing approach. Local SEO companies allows you to rank high your business on search [...]

Google Local Rankings, Google, Google Analytics

5 Ways Your Website Can Improve its Google Local Rankings

Google local rankings are a primary important factor for small and local business, and also for big brands with a local presence to increase website traffic and revenue. If your website's visibility is not ranking highly in local search result, your brick and mortar location could be losing out to competitors. Here are five solid local ranking tactics you can use to increase traffic and exposure in the local markets: 1. Google My Business Google My Business is all about local search [...]

SEO Ranks Local Businesses in Singapore

SEO Ranks Local Businesses in Singapore

Let’s talk about reality here. In today’s digital age, many people have stopped reading newspaper and started browsing the internet to get any information they need. That’s why even small businesses need to have a presence over the Internet. Truth is, 4.59 million people is accessing the Internet. This could mean that almost everyone these days search for local businesses online before purchasing a product or service. With all the businesses in Singapore that dominates the search engine results, they [...]

How To Create an Effective Website

Creating an Effective Website!

Creating an effective website caters the needs of the web audience. But not all websites have the same pages, functionalities and ultimately information. Some types of websites, includes a personal website, a company website with product catalog or list of services. All of these must have a detailed information that will answer the audience curiosities and needs. Therefore, a website should have a reliable source of information. For a company website, your site should act as your source of information to the [...]

Search Engine Optimization

SEO: Why Is It Important For Your Website

Search engine optimization (SEO) is incredibly important for marketers and businesses, especially for SMEs, who are leveraging the digital market. One important aspect of SEO is making your website easy for both users and search engine robots to understand which help your website rank well on search engines. However, it can be a very difficult to master Google's many algorithm updates but with the proper implementation of search engine optimization, your website can attract more relevant and higher traffic. In this post, we'll let you know [...]

Google's New Book Button for Salon and Spa

Google’s new feature – “Book an appointment” for Salon and Spa

Google is always committed to provide the best for all customers need. Now, Google has again proved why it is the most preferred search engine. The "Book Button" feature has already been rolled out for wellness and fitness classes, and previously, Google made things a lot easier by adding a new great addition to its Reserve with Google feature allowing you to book salon and spa appointments right from Google Maps and Search. This means you can book an appointment without [...]

Google My Business, Google listing

Optimized Google My Business is Key for Local Businesses

Google My Business is a Google listing that offers businesses a new way to organize and present their brands and locations on Google Search and Google Maps. It helps businesses to connect directly with their customers, whether they’re looking on Search, Maps or Google+. For local businesses, creating an optimized Google My Business Profile and appearing on a Google map is key, especially on mobile, as it gives the user immediate access to all the information they need - all [...]

The Importance of Customer Reviews for Online Marketing, Ecommerce Website

The Importance of Customer Reviews for Online Marketing

You might have come across a typical online review if you have ever tried buying something online. Undoubtedly, customer reviews can be important for your online marketing campaign, but does the quantity or quality of the reviews you receive can really make or break a sale and have a big impact on your company’s overall success? Online Reviews Influence Customer Behavior These online reviews from different online customers for a certain product or service produce an impact to your brand and with [...]

Mobile Optimized Website Boosts Local SEO Efforts

Mobile-Optimized Website Boosts Your Local SEO Efforts

Search Engine Optimization Search Engine Optimization or SEO in short is a term that encapsulates everything you need to do to develop the ranking position of your website in the different search engines. So what do you think are search engines looking for and how can you put up a website in a way that will gratify both your customers and visitors, as well as Google and other search engines? Most crucially, how can local SEO help your presence on the web [...]