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6 Common SEO Mistakes To Avoid

SEO is evolving as the different algorithms of the search engines are changing constantly. SEO must be on top of marketers’ agendas as it is a powerful way to bring you business on top of the digital marketing arena that attracts visitors to your company’s outlets and to direct them towards your sales funnel. Optimizing your website is an essential element of your online marketing strategy. There are some common SEO mistakes that are tough to avoid. Here are some of [...]

Increasing Brand Awareness Through Digital Channels

In today’s competitive market, online presence means a lot for your company’s brand awareness. Remember, no matter how splendid your products and services are, it is rendered absolutely useless if people have no idea you exist because you don’t have presence online. This is exactly the reason why brand awareness is the essential first step and the key to any successful marketing strategy. Your ultimate aim, after all, is to build substantial brand awareness in our increasingly digital culture in [...]


Why SMEs in Singapore Should Go Digital

What is Digital Marketing? Digital marketing is an umbrella term for all of your online marketing efforts. It is about marketing of products or services using electronic media such as the web, email, mobile phones, display advertising and any other digital medium in conjunction with digital data about customers’ characteristics and behaviors. The term is predominant today as the usage of internet increases over the years. In 2016, the total population in Singapore is 5,781,728 and there 4,699,204 internet users which [...]

The Importance of Customer Reviews for Online Marketing, Ecommerce Website

The Importance of Customer Reviews for Online Marketing

You might have come across a typical online review if you have ever tried buying something online. Undoubtedly, customer reviews can be important for your online marketing campaign, but does the quantity or quality of the reviews you receive can really make or break a sale and have a big impact on your company’s overall success? Online Reviews Influence Customer Behavior These online reviews from different online customers for a certain product or service produce an impact to your brand and with [...]

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Better Your Online Network Marketing in 4 Easy Ways

If you want to succeed in any form of business, you have to embark on online network marketing, otherwise, your business will just stay at the backstage, way too behind your competitors. So, if you aim to profit from your business, here are four easy ways you must try: Use Social Media as a marketing tool This has commonly been a tool in online marketing and is worth your try. Online marketers have proven this themselves and can even testify for the [...]

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Why Use Videos in Content Marketing?

Cliché as it may sound, still, to see is to believe, even in content marketing. Apart from conveying the message of your brand, you need to convince people that what you are selling is worth their time and money, and the best way to do it is to show them you are the best at what you do. The dramatic change of marketing Let’s take a very quick look at how marketing has changed in the course of time. Before, marketing [...]

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Four Easy Steps To Prepare Effective Videos For Your Online Marketing Business

Now that you have ‘videos’ as your marketing strategy, what’s next? Many have had videos shown on their websites for quite a while already yet there’s still something lacking. The thing is, having videos on your website ready to click and watch isn’t enough. That doesn’t spell success, so to speak. You have to know the appropriate approach to put your videos into good use. The rule is simple – don’t just create a video, make effective videos for your [...]


The Impact of the Internet on Businesses

There is no doubt that the invention of the Internet has revolutionized the way man lives. It brought in its wake a connectedness that the world was lacking, coupled with speed and accessibility. Coincidentally, it was these three things that businesses in various industries have always been looking for. First it would be prudent to assume that businesses exist, or enter the market, in pursuit of profits. Hence when each makes a rational decision, it is always in consideration of [...]

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Digital Marketing Shapes SMEs’ Success

Reality has it that technology has done so much good to all businesses including the small and medium-sized enterprises. Indeed, with technology’s power to almost do everything for us, the sky is the limit. This is definitely the reason why more companies have considered technology as their bread and butter, second to customer service. Companies have utilized technology to upscale their business on a grander scale. With technology, companies have reached more consumers and customers from all walks of life [...]

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Benefits of Online Business

Venturing on a business is, indeed, challenging. More often than not, people find such undertaking as risky rather than fun. More so, if the business will be taken to the next level virtually, comes a higher risk due to the notion that online business can be just fleeting. Considering this can probably make business-minded individuals threatened rather than challenged. But, is online business really a venture that one should be afraid of? Visible One suggests that taking your business online through an [...]