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What is PPC? Learn About Pay-Per-Click Marketing

What is PPC? PPC stands for pay-per-click, is a method of purchasing keywords or key terms from search engines in order to get your ad on the first page and gain visits naturally. The good thing with PPC marketing compared to other Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is that you only pay for the clicks your ad receives and not for the views. Search engines like Google and Bing have preset a minimum rate on any given keyword or search term, according to its popularity and competition where the [...]

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How Pay Per Click Advertising Can Benefit SMEs

Pay per click advertising, otherwise called PPC, is a type of internet advertising where the advertiser pays just when some person clicks on the ads. This kind of advertising appears alongside the results of Internet searches. PPC is a effective marketing tool each business can use to gain instant targeted traffic to their website through the most popular Google AdWords. Some small-medium sized businesses depend exclusively on organic search rankings to build their online profiles. Local and small businesses ordinarily [...]