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Is Responsive Design Essential for eCommerce Business?

The relationship between Singaporean and their mobile devices is something that has been of great interest to website owners and marketers over the past few years. A recent report has shown that there are currently 4.3 million active mobile social Singaporeans, comprising 75% of the population. This improved by +8% or 300,000 new users. The study revealed that mobile phones and smartphones are the most used devices for browsing the Internet, used by 95% and 91% of the population, respectively. Meanwhile, 71% use [...]

Customer Satisfaction Through Responsive Web Design

As the digital era is continuously improving, a solid online presence and a responsive website are major factors for businesses success today. When it comes to website design, a good quality site is important in order to benefit from their online presence. However, one mistake that many businesses tend to make is to have a web design that solely focuses on the business’s point of view rather than from that of the consumer. So, if you redesign or create a new [...]

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Optimising Web Design to Attract More Visitors

In digital marketing, web design that attract more visitors is an element of online success. With millions of websites competing on the Internet, attracting website visitors is never an easy task for everyone and it takes a lot of effort and time. Grabbing your visitors' attention provides traffic on your website which is an indicator for business growth. Website traffic can help you to generate more leads, increase conversions and get more customers. There are many ways you can increase website traffic, and [...]

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In today’s digital age, the internet is a competitive market. Almost every businesses around the world, regardless of size, has already have an online presence to reach their potential customers and grow their business which will result to an increase in sales. A website is the first point of contact for many of your online potential customers. It serves as your 24/7 storefront in the online world. As of the measured period, over 4 billion people were active internet users and choosing [...]

5 Signs You Might Need to Redesign Your Website

Your website represents your business as it serves as the storefront of your company on the web and it is important to project the best image of your business through a well-built website. An effective website is something that when implemented properly, can have a major effect on your marketing efforts, and the overall success of your company. Check out these 5 signs to examine if it's time for you to have your website redesigned. Not Responsive or Mobile-friendly Having a responsive [...]

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Web Design Trends You Shouldn’t Miss in 2016

As time goes forward to globalization, a lot of new design trends emerge on the horizon. The field of web design is always shifting with new apparatus, workflows, and best practices for putting up appealing layouts. It’s really hard to predict which accurate trends will come up with the greatest interest. So far, recent history shows a guide of trends that have been emergent like wildfire. There are various and efficient approaches on how to boost your company's website to [...]


Why Responsive Web Design Is Important For Your Website

Maybe right now you’re reading this on a laptop or maybe you’re at your desktop or more likely you’re using a smartphone or tablet. Unquestionably, Responsive Web Design is very significant for today’s web design point of view. In today’s modern world, by means of smartphones and tablets to access website is rapidly increasing, so does the importance of mobile-friendly websites. Smartphones and tablets have changed the approach toward design and user experience. Hence, through all the major mobile [...]