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Why You Should Outsource Your Web Design To An Agency

When it comes to web design, the process is not easy unless you have the skills and knowledge and have done it before. However, if you don’t have the necessary requirements to build a website on your own, you can either hire an in-house employee if your company doesn’t have the right people to create a website or outsource the service to a professional web design agency. Here are five reasons why you should outsource web design to a digital marketing [...]

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5 Mistakes to Avoid In Your Website Design

Website Design and development takes a lot of time, money and effort — only to be met with mediocre result. Business owners often mistake a website’s main role. They often forget that a website is not just about your products and services or the information you are providing. A website should focus more on your target customers and their needs. And communicating in a clear, precise and persuasive manner to their needs. Below, you’ll find the top five most common [...]

Customer Satisfaction Through Responsive Web Design

As the digital era is continuously improving, a solid online presence and a responsive website are major factors for businesses success today. When it comes to website design, a good quality site is important in order to benefit from their online presence. However, one mistake that many businesses tend to make is to have a web design that solely focuses on the business’s point of view rather than from that of the consumer. So, if you redesign or create a new [...]

5 Important Elements of an Ecommerce Web Design

The ways of conducting business over the past two decades has transformed significantly in terms of how they operate. Websites becomes mandatory for businesses to build their brand and increase business. This is called ecommerce. The overall goal of your Ecommerce web design is to sell a product and generate revenue. To achieve that, here are some of the elements of ecommerce web design that are must-have for any progressive online business. 1.    eCommerce Checkout The checkout process is the most important [...]

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5 Things to Do on Your Web Development Before Launching

Launching a brand new website, redesigning, or moving a site onto a new content management system (CMS) can be extremely exciting time for a brand. After all the hard work, you’re excited to unveil the finished product; however, before you pop the champagne you have to ensure that your site is error free and functional. A quality website is all about the details. So, here are some web development tips and processes to ensure you've got everything prepared before the launch. [...]

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6 Reasons Why People Don’t Buy From Your Ecommerce Website

Today, with the increase usage of the Internet, customers choose to use online channels or ecommerce websites to purchase what they need just to escape from face-to-face interaction with salesperson because they feel pressure or uncomfortable when dealing with salespeople and do not want to be manipulated and controlled in the marketplace. This is especially true for those customers who may have had negative experience with the salesperson, or they just want to be free and make decision by [...]

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The Web Design & Website Development Process

In this article, we’ll show how to conceptualise a process that can organize a Web developer’s thoughts, speed up a project’s timeline and give clients the idea on how the website development process takes place. While the exact web development process varies between projects, the basics remain the same. Here the 8 basic stages of web development process: 1. Analyse Every business has different goals and objectives that analyzing each client requirement is a must. This first step is actually the most [...]

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Importance of Branding in Web Design

The goal of a website is to represent a company’s brand, generate more business leads, increase sales and promote brand awareness. In this digital marketing era, almost every businesses have their own company website where they showcase their products or services, their company information and their brand. In fact, there are 1,630,322,579 websites in the World as of June 2018. However, standing out in today’s competitive market is challenging and without remarkable branding to set you apart in the local [...]

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Optimising Web Design to Attract More Visitors

In digital marketing, web design that attract more visitors is an element of online success. With millions of websites competing on the Internet, attracting website visitors is never an easy task for everyone and it takes a lot of effort and time. Grabbing your visitors' attention provides traffic on your website which is an indicator for business growth. Website traffic can help you to generate more leads, increase conversions and get more customers. There are many ways you can increase website traffic, and [...]

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5 Website Security Tips

In today’s age of the internet, people are growing gradually dependent on technology. Thus, accessibility to a company’s digital presence becomes more and more dominant. Websites are one of the common platform where hackers tend to attack. A company’s website is often your first contact with customers. It serves as your online storefront that represent your brand. If your website is unsecured and unprotected, hackers can easily get into your site which ruins those critical business relationships. We’ve witnessed a [...]