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5 Website Security Tips

In today’s age of the internet, people are growing gradually dependent on technology. Thus, accessibility to a company’s digital presence becomes more and more dominant. Websites are one of the common platform where hackers tend to attack. A company’s website is often your first contact with customers. It serves as your online storefront that represent your brand. If your website is unsecured and unprotected, hackers can easily get into your site which ruins those critical business relationships. We’ve witnessed a [...]

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Finding the Right Web Host

Finding the right Web Host is like finding your ‘the one’ whom you want to be with all throughout your life’s journey. You need someone whom you can entrust your possessions to, someone you can depend on when things turn upside down.  In online marketing, your very possession is your web site where all your possible revenues would come from. As an owner, you need a good Web Hosting Company who’s able and willing to pick you up should things [...]