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5 Website Security Tips

In today’s age of the internet, people are growing gradually dependent on technology. Thus, accessibility to a company’s digital presence becomes more and more dominant. Websites are one of the common platform where hackers tend to attack. A company’s website is often your first contact with customers. It serves as your online storefront that represent your brand. If your website is unsecured and unprotected, hackers can easily get into your site which ruins those critical business relationships. We’ve witnessed a [...]

How & Why Web Security is Important


Web security is fast becoming a cause for concern for many businesses, and cyber security spending is set to exceed $1 trillion between 2017 to 2021. Online threats is inevitable from hackers, but there are also a lot of ways to protect yourself and your customers from hackers. Based on an Internet Security Threat Report the most number of mega-breaches is nine in total. But the record shows that  429 million reported exposed accounts due to various breaches very alarming right? [...]

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The Importance of Website Maintenance

A website represents as the physical storefront of a company online and it is important to project the best image of your company through a well-maintained website. As the digital world is continuously evolving, the competition is also growing. That means you must have to keep up and compete excellently in the digital market through your website. However, simply having a website isn’t really enough. Once a website is up and running, it often needs to be well-maintained. If your [...]