Digital Marketing Shapes SMEs' Success

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Updated November 27, 2023Published March 19, 2016
Author: Visibee

Reality has it that technology has done so much good to all businesses including small and medium-sized enterprises. Indeed, with technology’s power to almost do everything for us, the sky is the limit.

This is definitely the reason why more companies have considered technology as their bread and butter, second to customer service. Companies have utilized technology to upscale their business on a grander scale. With technology, companies have reached more consumers and customers from all walks of life even beyond their company location. By making use of technology, modern companies nowadays have brought their businesses to the next level, reaching out to more people anytime and anywhere. Indeed, through digital marketing, connecting with people has just been made easy.

On the other hand, not only the mainstream elite companies have benefited from technology but also the SMEs. With digital technology, what is small time becomes big time. This literally happens as what some SMEs have been experiencing since the advent of digital marketing. Well, the thought of SMEs having gradually taken themselves to greater heights might be underrated. Some might have asked how on earth have small-time enterprises leveraged just because of technology. Well, should this have blown up your mind, leaving you wondering, it's about time to know the nitty-gritty of it all.

So, how has digital marketing become a big help for small and medium-sized enterprises?

Digital Marketing helps small firms compete on value and service

Author and Business Coach Heather Townsend of the United Kingdom says small firms will never win on price but can compete with the big firms with a more specialized product or service. With social media, small firms can be flexible and adaptable enough to meet customers' needs, according to The Guardian. Their brand can be made more “lovable” and “customer friendly” with digital marketing. Indeed, this can be the edge of small firms against the usual kind of deals offered by brick-and-mortar businesses.

Digital Marketing is more cost-effective

Small businesses, from the word itself, are literally small in nature. They have very little resources and capitalization. Mounting lucrative marketing campaigns may be a challenge for small enterprises. However, creating an online marketing campaign may be deemed feasible. Though creating a website for online marketing requires a considerable amount of budget, the results would be long-term. According to a Digital Marketing Report, 40 percent of the respondents claimed to have saved more using digital marketing methods of products and service promotions. In fact, according to a survey on, 28 percent of business owners would like to shift from traditional media channels into digital online marketing tools for efficiency and productivity at a low cost.

Digital Marketing caters to a variety of consumers

The best thing about digital marketing is that its consumers are not only limited to those who are at home or in a corporate office but also to mobile consumers, even to a random citizen with a gadget connected online. Your products and services will surely have a long way to go with the help of social media. Information dissemination and communication channels are a sure ball in online marketing. You, as a marketer, will surely have nothing to worry about, as with the rapid proliferation of tablets, smartphones, and other devices, your promotions will surely reach anyone under the sun. In fact, according to Garner, 91 percent of adults in the U.S. always have their devices within their reach, citing that mobile devices have become an essential tool for every individual, a central part of American life.

Digital Marketing is much quicker than traditional business

Yes, with digital marketing, everything is quick. When people see your product, they do more research before they buy it. People are naturally inquisitive and curious and small firms can take advantage of this, as per Heather Townsend. This is the best time for SMEs to make a good impression online to pave the way for potential clients and customers. With good and impressive ads online, SMEs can build up linkages and advocates. It can generate good feedback and the spread of good news about the business is a lot quicker through social media channels and review sites. With digital marketing, every deal is just a click away and this makes SMEs, even the smallest firms really competitive enough.

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