How To Attract More Clients To Your Website?

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Updated December 11, 2023Published September 07, 2018
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In today’s digital landscape that is of never-ending changes, there seems to be a huge competition in the online market and it gets harder for business owners to attract more clients to their website. There will always be a new way to market your business online and attract new customers to your website.

As a business owner that’s marketing online, what you’d like most in the world is more traffic to your site. There are many ways you can increase traffic on your website, and here are 4 of the timeless ideas for attracting more visitors to your website. They’ll be as effective in five years as they are today.

1. Blogging

Your blog posts are conversational. If you're at all serious about attracting new customers to your website, you need to start blogging. Blogging is by far one of the primary, key drivers in acquiring leads on the Internet. Blogging is one of the best SEO strategies that help to improve your visibility on Google. Blogging with the right search engine optimization (SEO) practices, Google and other search engines can monitor that your site is publishing for fresh and relevant content and that these search engines will adjust your rank accordingly.

When you rank high on search engines, your potential customers could easily find your business and click on your blog post. Make your blogs a trusted resource in your target markets. That means, it should educate your prospective customers or provide answers to their questions. You can convert those blog readers to leads. Just make sure that every blog post has a call-to-action (CTA). Use your blog posts to promote your business through content for download, demos, etc. Once a potential customer sees you as a good resource, they are much more likely to consider you when they are considering purchasing the product or service you provide.

When you rank on the first page, you can also spend less money on advertising such as Google Adwords. If you are showing up organically for keywords, you don’t need to pay to advertise your business through keywords. Get customers without spending more and maybe even spend less money through blogging!

2. Social Media Marketing

Clearly, social media cannot and should not be over-looked in any online marketing strategy. Social media marketing platform is on the rise and has become an indispensable platform for any business to create brand awareness in today’s competitive market. Business owners should leverage social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ to grow your businesses. In fact, today, everyone has a social media account and this is one of the fastest ways to gain exposure and website traffic for any type of business, no matter what it is.

In social media, it’s all about engagement. Social media engagement is essentially like a long-term relationship. Without engagement any message you’re sending is simply noise that no one wants to hear. Engaging an audience don’t happen by posting ads about your business or hard selling. It means starting an approachable conversations and building relationships with people in your network. You can do this by posting helpful information or promotions that add value to your brand. Also, make sure that you are always responsive to any messages and respond back to comments and even negative feedbacks. This shows followers that you appreciate the engagement with them and encourages them to continue engaging with your brand.

Here’s the thing, you can engage with people on social media but whatever you do, don’t overwhelm your followers. There’s nothing more annoying than a business that post every hour. What you can do is make a social media calendar and craft high-quality posts that includes your website link or a post that direct them to your website.However, dominating in social media is not as easy as using it personally. It is something that needs time and effort for businesses to be able to engage and attract potential customers. To be able to have a strong social media presence, you should have the right approach and strategy. There are a lot of social media. No matter what strategy you use, social media can offer you a quick-to-market solution to sell your products and services to a global audience.

3. Video Marketing

According to a survey, four times as many consumers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it, and one in four actually lose interest in companies that don’t use video. This means, video can be a great tool for attracting new customers and attracting interest to collect leads and new clients than regular text content can.In general, video is an entertaining and informative type of content that people love. The biggest benefit of using video is that it usually increases your conversion rate. Posting a video on your landing page which shows off your expertise and offers useful content can capture potential customers’ attention that will help fulfill a need for them, while also getting your business exposed out there.

With over a billion users on YouTube, you can also publish videos that are useful for your target audience. You can post relevant topics that can help you get your business in front of these video-hungry consumers including a handful tutorials and how to’s within your industry and expertise.

4. Email Marketing

Email marketing is an online marketing strategy that involves sending a series of specific messages (emails) to a list of existing subscribers or potential customers. It is inexpensive and a powerful tool to reach your customers and prospects. Email Marketing can create brand awareness, build trust and loyalty among customers, as well as increase the customer base & purchase patterns. After all, the primary reason most marketers send emails is to encourage leads to buy their products or services and convert them into customers. Doing it correctly can result in a significant uptick in traffic. Also, you can in turn get you many relevant leads.

To bring the email subscribers to your website and keep them engaged, you should have a relevant landing page that conveys more information about the offer highlighted in the email. This way can a marketing campaign can be a success and fruitful.

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