How to Keep Loyalty and Repeat E-commerce Customers

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Updated November 24, 2023Published November 09, 2016
Author: Visibee

The world has transformed with the upsurge use of the internet. Today’s consumers are savvy, discerning and extremely well-informed. Thus, many e-commerce platforms are now available in the market and retailers are playing in a field in which competitors are just a click away.

In Singapore, 4.4 million people are accessing the internet this year (2016) and is one of the two countries with the fastest internet, with download speeds of 122.4 mbps and 20 mbps respectively. For this reason, consumers can easily make purchases or find information online through the PC or mobile devices. Thus, having an eCommerce website design is a essential for businesses nowadays.

According to a report, Singaporeans are among the most active online purchasers globally across a broad range of products and services and 60% of consumers in Singapore buy products online at least once a month. Come 2025, Singapore's e-commerce market is expected to be worth US$5.4 billion (S$7.46 billion).

Given this information about e-commerce, it should be clear that repeat customers and their loyalty are worth having. Customer loyalty doesn’t come around quickly but by engaging in some of the best e-commerce practices, including:

Offer high-quality product at a competitive prices

Quality products and price matters to consumers. Today’s consumers are thrifty and if they know that you offer expensive products with low-quality, they will not stay longer on your site and probably will not revisit in the future. Instead, they will find for another business that will provide what they are looking for in a product, which means loss for your business.

To retain customers and earn their loyalty, retailers have to offer high-quality products with competitive price that meet the needs and budget of customers.

Great delivery service

For e-commerce businesses, great delivery means fast delivery. If you are delivering products to consumers, make sure you keep your promises and exceed their expectations.  For example, promising delivery in seven days but delivering in three. Fast delivery is one of the key factor to make repeat customers.

If they need to return items they purchased from you, it would be better if you provide an easy and free return policy because it is a real bugbear for them to be charged costs almost as much to return as it did to buy! If customers know that they can change what they purchased that doesn’t meet their expectations, they would preferably revisit your site in the future.

Provide excellent customer service

According to Zendesk, 40% of customers begin purchasing from a competitor because of their reputation for great customer service.

If you want customers to come back, make it easy for them to contact you. There are unlimited communication outlets to provide customer service. Provide a web chat, contact form, phone number or e-email on your site and make sure customers shouldn’t encounter any trouble when trying to reach you. A research report of American Express shows that 58% of customers are willing to spend more on companies that provide excellent customer service. Therefore, it is important to maintain the philosophy that every customer matters, provide immediate and satisfying answer to their specific query or a solution to their complaints. And always remember, never ignore negative feedback from customers. Show them that you care no matter what the situation is and do your best to meet their needs.

These are quite simple things to implement but are a great way of nurturing trust and making an impression for customers that you are accessible, accommodating and reliable company.

Be very convenient

E-commerce means a platform that can service consumers 24/7 while keeping the operation simple and convenient. Customers can browse your site and make a purchase no matter if its day or night so optimize their online shopping experience by making your e-commerce site user-friendly, accessible and responsive. According to Zendesk report, more than 40% of shoppers said that convenience contributed to brand loyalty.

One way to be very convenient is offering customers a log in account so that if they return or revisit your site and make a purchase, they don’t have to repeatedly fill up a long checkout form. If possible, let customers log in using social media networks like Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Creating a convenient e-commerce website is the key factor to increase the rate of repeat customers and your sales in general.

Reward repeat customers

Every customer love rewards and special offers. And, they like it that much when they feel valued and appreciated. Reward your customers by giving special offers like discount coupons, free shipping for two or more items purchased, or faster customer service response, to attract them to keep coming back. These are the greatest way to thank them for being loyal customers and encourages them to revisiting your site for repeat purchase. You’ll be surprised how much the little things count!

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