Importance of Google Business View in SMEs

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Updated November 23, 2023Published April 07, 2017
Author: Visibee

In line with the rise of the age of the Internet and its increasingly large influence on the diverse world of business, promotion and propagation of an enterprise’s name has taken on new forms and has reached new heights. One commercial scheme that is a testament to this is what is called the Google Business View that started out since 2010 when Google came to a retailer named Oh Nuts to take pictures for a new Google Maps product named “Google Store Views.” A virtual tour that allows worldwide technology to send photographers into private commercial establishments, take aesthetically appealing photographs, and promote them in an organized, customer-friendly 360-degree online tour across Google Search, Google Maps and Google+.

Its advantages are obvious, as it provides immediate exposure and aesthetic which may lead to more customer traffic to your website and can increase your search ranking overall. In layman’s terms, it gives establishments publicity and makes them attractive to potential consumers. It is a form of e-commerce that has become an important factor for the online marketing campaign of Small-Medium Enterprises.

Nowadays, almost everyone search online first before purchasing a product or service and they consider a business on search results with a lot of photos and a virtual tour compared to a business that has none. This is because they are given the opportunity to see what the business has to offer and what’s the business’ interior looks like which keep their attention long enough giving them the urge to purchase in that certain business and this would keep that business’ name in their head even long after they would look for another business.

Given the popularity of Google worldwide, and each business’ desire to rise among the ranks and bring in considerable revenue, the online tour has rapidly grown in terms of popularity, as more and more corporations elect to avail of its services. It has even grown to become pertinent to the perpetuation of the operations of Small Medium Enterprises (SME) in a multitude of countries across the world. One country that should embody Google Business View is Singapore, where SMEs comprise a chunk of the nation’s economy. It is important to note that these SMEs in Singapore are in competition with other SMEs that offer similar products, concepts in line with the average business model. Furthermore, the numerous companies are in constant competition with one another, with each one trying to bring in more profit than all the others. This is where the Google Business View comes into play. This stretches a company competitive advantage where it’s most important – online! It is the companies’ means of making profit, and thus these SMEs subscribe to Google Business View in order to meet their goals. It has become pertinent in the sense that is the company’s main means of publicity and in turn, profit.

To conclude, Google Business View has become an integral part for the e-commerce in Singapore, as well as to the competition and business practices of up and coming establishments. These SMEs rely on Google Business View in hopes of enhancing their Google listing, influences potential customers’ decision making, and getting their names out there and eventually becoming a large business empire.

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