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Updated December 13, 2023Published September 29, 2016
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Being targeted by cyber-attack is no joke. They come in different styles and attacks like sending an email attachment that can infect computers, phishing or collecting sensitive information like credit card information: birthdays and other personal data.  Accessing your bank account and personal email accounts can be made easy with the password attacks employed by the hackers.

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So how can we protect our business from these types of threats? Here are some cyber-security friendly solutions you can trust:


Firewall is a network device which serves as an added layer of protection that prevent outsiders from penetrating your network. The operating system’s firewall should be set as “enabled”. Microsoft Operating System like Windows 8,Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP SP2 or higher have a firewall built-in and turned on by default.


Antivirus software is the most common tool in defending threats against different types of malwares and viruses. Symantec has a wide array of security and antivirus protection tools. What’s new is they have a cloud-managed solution that sets up in just a few minutes without additional staff or training, requires no new hardware, and updates automatically so you don’t waste your time worrying and just have more time running your business.

Data Back-up Solutions

Data back-up solutions should be invested especially the critical data that holds important information on payroll; excel files of financial statements, database on suppliers and customers. There are a lot of key vendors of backup solutions for small businesses. Some offer six common data storage solutions rather than going on one single storage technology.

Passwords and authentication

Passwords and authentication practices should be applied among employees. This requires generating a strict unique password every three months. Invest on a two-step or multi factor authentication software to be installed in the network and internal programs to reduce the likelihood of password cracking.

Once something is online, it can be dispensable and this includes your online business. Knowing that online businesses can be just as fleeting as any unstable business, all the more you should protect them from cyber hackers.

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