The Importance of Mobile Optimized Website

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Updated November 23, 2023Published October 07, 2017
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In 2016, it was predicted that mobile and tablet internet usage exceeds desktop for the first time worldwide. This didn’t come as a huge surprise because, as far back as 2015, Google officially confirmed that more Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers.


What is a Mobile-Optimized Website?

Generally speaking, a mobile-optimized website is a site that is designed to reformat itself completely for different devices, such as iPhone or Android smartphones, or intermediate sized tablets. With new devices always changing, having a mobile-optimized website is necessary. A mobile-optimized site adjusts to the smaller screen size and formats the content and interface in a mobile-friendly manner, including:

  • Larger, easier to read text
  • Easy navigation
  • Touch-friendly buttons and page elements
  • Faster page speed

Why is a Mobile-Optimized Website Important?

Technology evolved further, the internet became bigger and mobile devices are more popular than ever before. People wanted to go online and find what they need faster through smartphones. Today, if your website is not mobile optimized, you’re ultimately losing sales on a potentially huge market.

Here are five reasons why it’s so important to optimize your website.

User experience

Have you ever experienced opening a link on your mobile device sent via text message or email but you were presented with a jumbled load of unorganized contents. This will destroy any chance you have of converting that website visitor into a customer. Because today, more people search on mobile phones than computers, mobile generates more page views. If your site is not responsive or mobile-friendly, users would seek out a competitor's mobile-friendly site instead of switching to a PC to revisit yours. And if your site is slow, they may not even wait for the page to load. Thus, you will lose these potential customers before they’ve even had a chance to browse your products or services.


Having a mobile-optimized website benefits search engine optimization. Search engine optimization plays a crucial role when it comes to successful online marketing. It’s all about being seen in the first page of Google searches, and SEO helps you achieve it through the right execution of strategies that increase local visibility and website traffic. Major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing favors mobile optimized websites in its SERP rankings. According to Google, it is recommended webmasters build their sites as responsive, but if that isn’t an option, they prefer your business makes a separate HTML website to serve to mobile users. This will increase the likelihood your site will rank well in Google mobile search results.

Brand Identity

Your company website is an accurate reflection of your company’s brand identity. A mobile-optimized website helps you stand out and presents an affirmative, up to date brand identity for your organization. If your website is not mobile-optimized, it will result into a bad implication about your brand identity to individual users attempting to browse via smart phone. According to Business 2 Community, 48 percent of customers say a website that works poorly on mobile is an indication of a brand that “doesn’t care.”

Boost Reputation

A poor mobile experience of your site leaves a bad impression about your business to a user or customer. For this reason, people will less likely to engage with your site in the future. Protect your brand’s reputation by having a mobile-optimized website to keep away from negative impact to your future business. Reputation is everything, and most businesses can’t afford to give people a bad experience – digital or otherwise.

Generate Sales Leads

If your website is not mobile-optimized, your website is not going to be able to generate as many leads and sales as you want. Optimizing your website for mobile users to generate leads is a no-brainer. When someone checks out your site using a mobile device, your key selling points or message should be immediately apparent with simple and attractive CTAs which makes most potential customers who visit your website can contact your business easily, without hassle, with just one click.

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