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Updated December 13, 2023Published July 12, 2016
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As time goes forward to globalization, a lot of new design trends emerge on the horizon. The field of web design is always shifting with new apparatus, workflows, and best practices for putting up appealing layouts. It’s really hard to predict which accurate trends will come up with the greatest interest. So far, recent history shows a guide of trends that have been emergent like wildfire.

There are various and efficient approaches on how to boost your company's website to raise the familiarity and the sales of your company by just rebranding and revamping your website. Let's talk about the web design trends in 2016.

1. Responsive Web Design

This is not an unforeseen inclination that mobile has been rapidly sneaking up on us for a couple years now. Back in 2014, 60% of website traffic was coming from mobile. Hence, mobile exceeded internet usage through desktop for the first time in history. While eMarketer estimated that nearly 2.6 billion people — over 1/3 of consumers worldwide — will use smart phones by 2018. Your website is no longer pertinent today if it is not mobile-friendly. So if you haven’t adapted your site by now, after everything else this is your ultimate wake-up call!

As the name suggests, Responsive Web Design or RWD responds to the user’s device, or platform. To all intents and purposes, it’s a design that can pleasingly conform to every screen resolution. There’s nothing more important for your website than to make it friendly for mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets. Exactly one year ago Google revealed  that searches on mobile devices heavily outweigh lookups on desktops. Taking advantage of these referrals means it’s absolutely essential to have a website that correctly displays on these devices. Google will actually demote your listing on their search engine from mobile lookups if your site is not friendly for those devices.

Apparently, a lot of prominence will be positioned on the appearance and design of your website this year. Bunch of individuals are relying on mobile devices of all different sizes to access your website as wells as to their tablets, laptops, and a variety of other devices to surf the web. This means your website needs to be well-designed with an optimized layout that will be able to accommodate all resolutions and display sizes. RWD is the first on the roll because we believe it is very imperative!

2. Unique Web Design

Exceptional grid designs and outline should help in the uniqueness of your web. High resolution pictures and custom graphics should also be part of the blueprint of the web design. While the stock imagery does play a role, it does not necessarily play a big part and it will only convey your brand on the back of same old photos the competition has. Putting up videos in your website instead of photo will be a big help to introduce your brand to the customers.

3. Minimalist Design

Minimalism symbolizes simplicity. Being simple and direct to the point to let the customers know what is important. Having a minimal color to the design helps to maintain a cool and classy feel. Minimal but catchy pop-art style graphics should also be included.

4. Appealing and Attractive Animation

By tradition, websites use static photography and other photos for visuals.  But that's not the thing this time. Animation can include anything from a cool hover state effect to a full-screen cartoon that plays in the background of a website. Grabbing the attention of visitors in your website with Appealing and Attractive Animations increases the connection and lowers bounce rates. Animation gives life to the website, engage the user and enhance storytelling. They make a website seem more like an interactive experience that catch the attention of the customers. It has amazing impact that cannot be replace by just astonishing images.

5. Have An Interactive Website

One of the most important features of a good website is interactivity. An effective website is more of creating interaction with your visitors. Through the developments in HTML5, Javascript, and CSS, web pages that can consist of a wide range of interactive elements that can beautify a website and make it more engaging to visitors and it gives them more ways to participate.

6. Focus On Typography

Thanks to Google Fonts, web designers and developers are no longer constricted by using default fonts like the Arial and Comic Sans for compatibility to the website. The advancement through this typography has helped the designers and developers to make the websites more appealing and attractive. To complement all this advancement, having great writers/developers would imply big help to your websites through the crafting of decent words that will help in search optimization of the website.

That's it for the 2016 trend in web designs. Having said this all great stuff, I hope this techniques and tips shall help you in creating and revamping your web design to increase your website traffic and business sales.

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