What is PPC? Learn About Pay-Per-Click Marketing

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Updated November 17, 2023Published September 19, 2018
Author: Visibee

What is PPC?

PPC stands for pay-per-click, is a method of purchasing keywords or key terms from search engines in order to get your ad on the first page and gain visits naturally. The good thing with PPC marketing compared to other Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is that you only pay for the clicks your ad receives and not for the views.

Search engines like Google and Bing have preset a minimum rate on any given keyword or search term, according to its popularity and competition where the highest bidder typically earns the most prominent placement, with some caveats.

PPC are shown above and below the non-paid organic search results when users are searching for specific products, services, and information that are related to your business offering at any given time. If someone clicks on your PPC advertising, they arrive at your landing page and you are charged an amount no more than what you bid. So, if you bid $1.00 maximum on a specific keyword, for example, if you bid on the keyword “web design” and that’s the highest bid, your ad might show up in the very top spot on the results page. If 200 people click on your PPC advertising, then the search engine or PPC service will charge you a maximum of $200.00.

“In PPC, the advertiser only has to pay when the viewer clicks on the ad.”

When creating a PPC advertising campaign either on Google Ad words or Bing Ads, the advertiser is able to set a budget, create the advertisement, choose the length of the campaign, select the appropriate keywords, choose the landing pages the user directed to after clicking the ad and designate other settings.  Just make sure to have a well-researched and customized ad copy to attract prospective customers. Each time the ad is clicked, the agreed-upon amount is subtracted from the budget until it’s depleted and the ad ceases to run until you replenish the fund.

Why PPC is Important to Digital Marketing?

Pay-Per-Click Advertising can help to achieve campaign goals, including:

  • Increase website traffic
  • Increase sales
  • Generate leads
  • Promoting brand awareness

In this era of digital marketing, PPC is an important form advertising campaign for online business success and a necessary component for a complete and successful digital marketing campaign. It has become so efficient over time that even marketing experts and successful businessmen have recommended it as a means to promote business online successfully. Compared with traditional advertising in print, radio, television, or other media, PPC is a huge breakthrough for any kind of business. Actually, PPC even gives pretty fast results by being tougher than the other usual online marketing tools.  PPC is indeed a very straightforward platform for online marketing with no hidden complexities. It’s simple: Spend enough budget, get top placement, and potential customers will see your business first.

The general idea about PPC is that it allows advertisers to reach potential customers in a short period of time by specifying by keywords or demographic characteristics while creating the ad, and you only pay when someone performs an action on your ad.

As a startup you can use PPC and take advantage of all its benefits described above and as an established business you can use PPC to further expand your business online.  If you don’t yet use PPC marketing, you are missing out on big opportunities for business success.

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