What is the Impact of Positive Online Reviews for Your Business?

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Updated December 13, 2023Published October 09, 2018
Author: Visibee

Like any other form of marketing, there is true power in online reviews. Today’s consumer rely on researching for a particular business before making a purchasing decision of their products or services. Often, this research leads to reviews.

Here are some of the benefits of positive online reviews for your business:

1. Improves Local SEO

Google has over 200 ranking factors that make up its algorithm … reviews are included. Reviews are one form of user-generated content. The more positive reviews you get, Google and other local search engines will rank your site higher and the better your business will look. The reason they do this is simple: consumers like to read reviews, and search engines specialize in giving consumers exactly the results that they want.

Online reviews are not the most important element of your SEO, but they are still important. A balanced SEO strategy will take advantage of every edge it can, and reviews can provide just the edge your site needs to be noticeable on the search engine results. This is why it is important to make sure you are consistently collecting positive reviews for your business—to help you rank in search results.

2. Impact buying decisions

Positive online reviews become a critical part of the average consumer’s purchasing decision which means businesses need to consider gathering positive online reviews in their marketing strategies.

Generally, when consumers search for products and services online, they consider checking the reviews which affect het buying decision. Reviews confirm that the business they’re looking into can provide it to them in a satisfactory manner.

According to a recent survey, 91 percent of people regularly or occasionally read online reviews, and 84 percent trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. And they make that decision quickly: 68 percent form an opinion after reading between one and six online reviews.

3. Improves website trust authority

These days, building a trusting reputation online is mandatory. However, gaining trust online is not easy if you own a new business with zero marketing dollars in your budget. You're going to have to prove to your potential customers that you're professional with the most effective online marketing strategy. One of the most effective online marketing strategy is having online positive reviews about your business. Positive reviews provides positive online reputation for your business.

An excellent way to gain positive online reviews is to have a presence on different review sites like Google, Yelp, Bing Places and Facebook to just to name a few sites. Ask your customer base over and ask them to leave a review about their experience on your products or services. As much as possible, get many people who are able to give you positive customer reviews.

4. Improves online traffic

The more positive reviews you get from your customers, the more people will get to notice your business because you are ranking high on the search engine results. Reviews show up in Google Maps and other review sites when people search your business name.

Better reviews mean you’ll get more clicks once you’re ranked and that means a better traffic on your site. To make it more efficient, it is important to keep track of how many reviews you receive – positive or negative and gauge how effective you are at generating positive reviews and to address negative reviews across the entire web.

5. Increases business revenue

With the many benefits your business could get through online customer reviews, your business will surely result in an increase in revenues it generates. Products with positive reviews sell better than those without any reviews. Which means you can generate more sales.

Putting up review page on your website or setting your business up in directories to collect reviews is crucial to the success of your business. Reviews matter, and if they’re not a priority in your online marketing strategy, it’s not too late to them one!

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