Why a Good Logo is Essential to Your Business?

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Updated November 23, 2023Published July 14, 2017
Author: Visibee

Corporate logos serve as the face of a company. They encapsulate a major graphical representation which provides an instant recognition of your company’s brand and unique identity to consumers.

Nowadays, where there are too many businesses to compete with, it is very hard to establish yourself without a logo. In short, logo is like a mental shortcut to a company or a particular product. Let’s look how a logo can be of help to your company’s success:

1. Branding

Your brand is more than just your company’s name and logo, but a professional and well-designed logo is an integral part of any company's brand. In today’s competitive market, having a strong brand that rises above the crowd is becoming increasingly important. Good branding is no longer optional, it’s a must. According to a recent research, a brand logo can be an integrator of the marketing efforts of the brand, a reflector of such effort and the icon of what the brand means to its customers. In short, a good logo can be a synthesizer of a brand that is readily used by customers for identification, differentiation and positive associations.

2. Advertising

Advertising helps to keep the customers informed about whatever new products or services are available with your business. It helps to spread consciousness about products or services that are of some use to consumer and potential buyers. A logo plays an important role in the task of advertisement as it creates a connection point between the company and its customers. It allows you the opportunity to provide essential information to your customers and potential customers in an artistic, visually stimulating way.

Many brands like Coca-Cola, Nike and McDonald's have made their enterprise and corporate identity on their iconic logo through showing it via all their advertising methods.

Displaying your brand’s logo on all your advertising and promotional materials will enable you to expose your brand to a wider target audience, which in turn bring more sales, profits and revenue.

3. Trust

A brand strategy includes developing trust and corporate logos earn trust with professionalism. Logos don’t only identify what your company does or stands for, but they also send a message of professionalism to your existing and potential customers. Every time a customer visits your website, opens a newsletter, stationery or accepts your business card, they are seeing your company’s logo, the logo you chose to represent your business. And put this in mind, people remember great logos!

According to Midlands-based independent brand consultant Rebecca Battman, no matter how good a logo's design is, it will only be successful if the company itself is trusted.

"A logo is a simple and functional signpost to help people find and identify your business," she says. "But for a logo to be successful, the company behind it must be a respected and trusted brand.

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