Fulbright Financial Group

ASP.Net Website Design & Development

Project Background

Since 1999, Fulbright Finance Group Holdings is established in Hong Kong and becomes a large-scale integrated financial enterprise nowadays. Client wanted to revamp their website to looks modern and more user friendly. The website need to show the realtime financial products price, market trends and various indices. Besides, client also wanted to keep all the recent 2 years website contents and videos on new website. Meanwhile, client also need to have a customized backend to manage website efficiently and effectively.

Our Challenges


Develop Fulbright TV pages and integrate Youtube API function to display live videos


Migrate 2 years website data from old website to new website within tight timeline


Organize different types of financial data and information into table with better design


Customize website frontend and backend to have more control on website functions


Embed various types of iFrames to websites to show realtime financial data

Customized CMS System

Before website is revamped, the website frontend and backend is not customizable. Client is unable to manage and control more features of the website as per own requirements and needs.
After website is redesign, client can enjoy more powerful, useful, and stable website features. They also able to manage the contents easily by themselves and organize the contents nicely.
Our professional team redesign the website to improve the overall user experience, add more website’s functionality and help client to grab more audience’s attention by adding new technology to the website.
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Our Solution & Tech Stack

ASP.Net Development

Our web developers used ASP.NET technology to build this dynamic website. It helps to boost the website performance and loading speed and can let investors check realtime stock prices and financial news.

iFrame integration

We added multiple iframe elements to provide live and always-up-to-date financial market and financial products information. Website visitors will be able to view all the Hong Kong stock market data all the time.

api integration

The most popular video platform – Youtube is integrated into this ASP.NET website. All of ther website visitors will be able to watch the live videos through this website and also can rewatch the previous live videos anytime.

Cleaner Table Design

The current tables in the web pages has become cleaner and can takes users through product, details, descriptions, login url, and other details of related products/services. In short, it is more attractive compared to the previous design.

Staffing Plan

We are required to migrate 2 years website data from old website to new website within tight schedule. So we arrange more experienced copywriters for this project to make sure the website contents are inserted in a correct way.

Hover Effect

Good hover effects can enhance an eCommerce website’s UX. We applied hover effects on the suitable position such as images, buttons, and icons to draw user’s attention and steer users to calls to action.

UI/UX Approaches

Suitable Icons

We insert suitable icons for important points in website such as cart, wishlist, and search icons etc. This is to let website visitors to understand the information clearly, well, and easily.

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