Healthy Seed

Laravel Development for a charitable organization promoting Early Childhood Care and Development

Project Background

Healthy Seed is a charitable organization that promotes ECCD by providing practical information through its interactive resource platform and professional training courses relating to parenting education. Healthy Seed hired Visible One to redesign their website; we assisted them in modernizing the visuals of their site while also creating subtle details that communicate Healthy Seed's high energy and passion for the work they do throughout the site. This project was highly collaborative, and we worked with Healthy Seed to reduce the content on their previous site to make it more parseable. Healthy Seed has a lot to offer in terms of early childhood care and development services, and one of the main goals of this process was to figure out how to make that less overwhelming.

Our Challenges

Data Migration

Export and migrate old website data including news, events, etc. to the newly developed website

Customer Migration

Migrate customer data and important information from their existing platform to the new Laravel website


Website will be in 3 languages to cater the visitors and customers based on their preferred language


The new website will have a forum where visitors can communicate with each other and admin can answer in topic threads


Client will have a new domain and redirection is needed to move their old domain SEO score to the new domain

Customized CMS System

In accordance with the client's goals, the Visible One team created a professional and aesthetically pleasing Laravel website for Healthy Seed.
The homepage design is modern, with quick links to news, blogs, and ECCD services. The vast amount of information on the website portrays Healthy Seed as credible and knowledgeable, and the simple layout makes it easy for members to find what they need while also attracting new business.
Following an excellent working relationship, Healthy Seed was confident that Visible One would assist with future website improvements and that they would receive all of the assistance they required.
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Our Solution & Tech Stack

Laravel Development

Visible One collaborates closely with our clients to develop robust, scalable, aesthetically pleasing, and feature-rich Laravel websites that will assist them in building a stronger online presence.

Event Signup

Website members can attend events organized by Healthy Seed. The client can also keep track and manage all the attendees of the event. Our team also implemented points as a form of payment for special events selected by the client.

Member Forum

With the implementation of forum in the website, the client can moderate which contents to show submitted by their members. They can also easily answer questions and give advice to their members.

Responsive Website

Healthy Seed website is created with multiple elements that respond separately when displayed on devices with various sizes. The website will rescale itself to adapt to the screen of the client and to preserve the user experience and look and feel across all devices.

W3C Standards Compliant

We are committed to ensuring that the Healthy Seed website meets high standards of accessibility and usability, so we built it with code that is compliant with W3C standards for HTML5 and CSS.

Cloudflare Integration

We'll be able to take advantage of Cloudflare's intelligent firewall and DDoS protection, as well as their global CDN, by integrating it at the infrastructure level. This means that Healthy Seed's website is now faster and more secure than ever.

UI/UX Approaches

Distinct & Appealing Icons

We inserts suitable icons for important points in website. This is to let website visitor to understand the information clearly, well, and easily.

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