WordPress Development for catering and household items manufacturer

Project Background

Sunnex Products Limited is a Hong Kong based company specializing in the manufacturing of catering and household items since 1972. The original site was built on ASP.Net, but it did not allow them to control the site's content as needed. Sunnex hired Visible One to redesign and rebuild their website, as well as custom build specific tools, migrate their blog, and create brand new branding guidelines for them to use in the future. This project was extensive and highly collaborative, which are two of our favorite aspects of a project!

Our Challenges

B2B & B2B Sites

The whole website will be separated into corporate site and ecommerce store, respectively. Each site will have different functions while being managed in one CMS dashboard.


Import big data from old website including product info, pages content, etc., to the new website.

Multi Currency

Applying multi-currency feature to Sunnex's website allow customers to make payments in different currency including HKD and USD.

Forum Site

People can communicate in a topic thread and Sunnex can answer questions, comments, and suggestions from their users.

Customer Access

Specific functions like quotation and price availability will be only available to specific customer group.

Custom Design Meets Existing Frameworks

The Sunnex redesign was built on top of a WooCommerce-compatible theme. However, because each brand is unique, particularly Sunnex's, we customized the theme to fit their specific branding, which meant that we built out, updated, and changed a large number of the WooCommerce defaults, allowing for design flexibility and a frontend look and feel that did not look like a generic default theme, but rather adhered to the Sunnex style standards.
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Our Solution & Tech Stack

WordPress Development

Offering professional WordPress design and development services, we provided focus to Sunnex website's complexities and deliver highly optimized SEO-smart WordPress solution within the decided timeline.

WooCommerce Development

Our team integrated WooCommerce, the best eCommerce platform built on WordPress, for Sunnex website to create an online store where users can search and buy products effortlessly.

Sorting and Filtering

With effective filtering and sorting options, Sunnex's website’s user experience is improved. We created filters that enable users to search specific product selections that match their particular needs.

HubSpot Integration

Live Chatbot and Form from HubSpot is integrated in Sunnex's website that automatically sync with HubSpot CRM so they can easily manage contacts, segment them into lists, and see every interaction they've had with the website.

Responsive Web Design

Sunnex website is created with multiple elements that respond separately when displayed on devices with various sizes. The website will rescale itself to adapt to the screen of the client and to preserve the user experience and look and feel across all devices.

Google Analytics

Sunnex can use Google Analytics to understand how their customers engage with and interact with their website. Google Analytics enables them to gain a more in-depth understanding of their customers, allowing them to improve the customer experience and achieve better results.

UI / UX Approaches

Suitable Icons

We insert suitable icons for important points in website such as cart, wishlist, and search icons etc. This is to let website visitors to understand the information clearly, well, and easily.

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