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What is
360 Virtual Tour

A 360 Virtual Tour, also known as Google Business View, is a simulation of a real location made with media, including still photography, 360-degree panoramas, video, text, narration, and more that gets published on Google Search, Google Maps, and Google. Virtual tours offers viewers to see a business interior premises and have a complete interactive experience with it without having to actually go there.

When viewing a 360 virtual tour, you can interact with the tour by using your computer, mobile phone or tablet to “look around” in any direction: to the left, to the right or even backward of the location. This gives you a true sense of what it would be like to visit the location.

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Let your clients be fully immersed in an environment to virtually put them right there in your location that is very useful in making their decision and boost deep engagement. Whether you want to showcase your property or business, we can take you to the next level of interactivity!

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Google Virtual Tour

The Best way customers get to know you

Virtual reality opens incredible marketing opportunities. Virtual tours are a great way to present your business to the world. This innovative marketing tactic seeks to provide a realistic and authentic experience that not just showcase your business, but also combines a communicative and creative way to show your unique brand identity that customers get to know you better.

People are loving virtual reality and now any business, big or small can capitalise on this emerging technology. Discover where to start and how to make your brand stand out with VR technology.


Google virtual tour for business are perfect for showcasing and marketing any product, property or space.


Google 360 virtual tour allows your customers around the world an opportunity to see the comfort and the atmosphere of your business from your point of view. Unlike plain text or still images, virtual tours can keep the viewer glued to your website for up to an hour. This raises your customer’s confidence and more people will make reservations or buy things from you.

No other technology allows you to fully explore and experience a space quite like a virtual tour. 360 virtual tour software is an effective medium for businesses to gain a boost for local SEO and increase conversions thus being instrumental in getting more business leads for businesses where credibility matters since everything online is perceived to be virtual.


Our espertise in Virtual Tour for business using the latest technology and innovation is committed to help your business grow online and increase your customer base.


As a certified Google Street View Trusted Agency in Singapore, we are specialist providers of stunning, immersive and inspiring Google virtual tour for business. Our bespoke tours offer total customisation and matches your requirements, business and target market exactly. We focus on creating quality images of the highest possible standard and the branding, menus and navigation are all designed to fit seamlessly with your own look and feel.

Our stunning Goggle Business View 360 virtual tours make the best first impression and improve your search engine results that produce outstanding and noticeable results for your business. Our prices are unbeatable and customer service is second to none.


We promise nothing but amazing virtual tour to showcase the best of what your business can offer that yield to your success.


Visible One is always committed to help your business grow. We pride ourselves on delivering to both the client and the end-user, a virtual reality experience as close to ‘actually being there’ that one can get – we do this by using the latest 360 virtual tour software, our passion for innovation and expertise to create the highest quality Google 360 tour of your business that promises to increases click-throughs and exposure, engaging potential and existing clients.

Google Business View can bring your site to life and truly give potential clients a feel for a property. These tours can be created only by Google Trusted Photographers like us!

Why Choose Visible One 360 Virtual Tour Service

Visible One is a Google Street View Trusted Agency in Hong Kong that are trained to make businesses shine online through the Google Virtual Tour experience. .

virtual tour, google virtual tour, google business view
360 virtual tour, virtual tour company, google business view

Innovative & Result Driven

As a virtual tour company, our approach is inspired by innovation and latest technology to create the best virtual tour product that satisfy the needs of our client.

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Premium and High-Quality Photos

We shot in high resolution to maximise quality to High Definition Interactive 360 Virtual Tours that will truly promote your location and sell your products quickly.

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Panoramic Specialists

As a Google certified photographer, our tours are made up of a series of quality 360 panoramic images, which are combined into an interactive walk-through tour.

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Dedicated to Client Success

We are a Google Street View Trusted Agency who are dedicated to help businesses achieve online success with a immersive and interactive 360 Virtual Tour.

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Get your HOTEL a premium 360 virtual tour, powered by Google Trusted Team.

Google 360 Virtual Tour is an innovative way to showcase the environment of different industries that give a sense of presence to your customers or to show viewers a landscape in all its beauty. Save your time and money. We will do the work for you by producing superior quality Google virtual tour for business, while you focus on managing communication with your clients.


Enhance your business and offer your customers unparalleled access to your location allowing them to interact with your products or services with just a click of a mouse whilst boosting your web visitor retention and sales or bookings.

Google Search

When your people search online for a company like yours, they can see your virtual tour in Google Maps, which more likely to convert them to customers


A fully interactive 360 virtual tour is fully embeddable and you may place it on any page of your own website. It drives more traffic to your website, boost deep engagement with your customers and keep them longer on your site.


Virtual Tour can be shared to your Facebook business page that can get your business recognized and increase visibility. That can provide a better access to your target audience and creates a better connection with them.

Search Engine Optimization

Virtual Tour is displayed throughout all of Google’s products and platforms, including its search engine results pages (SERPs). This boost your SEO and allow you to get a higher ranking on the search engine results.

Increased Walk-in

360 Virtual Tour attracts potential customers as they can see your business much better than your competitor’s business. They can have a virtual walk-through experience, thus firming up their intention to visit your business in person.

Venue Hire

Virtual Tour can get potential customers not only plan their drive using Google local map, but also get potential consumers to hire your location.

Expand Features of Google Virtual Tour

Showcase your Business with an Advanced Virtual Tour of your location, developed based on the fundamental of Google virtual tour enabling you to introduce your products or services through a brand-new and interactive way in your Google virtual tour.

Easy Navigation

It offers a user-friendly way to present your business as well as an easy to navigate menu for visitors to switch to different views of your business through a single click.

Product Highlight

Provides you the opportunity to present all the distinctive and great features of your products or services which will greatly attract potential clients.

Auto Rotation

Automatically rotate from one image to another, which allows viewers to not only explore your location, but also indulge themselves in the 360 degree experience which normal image are not able to portray.

Website Links

Let your audience visit your website with just a click of the button. You can also add social media links so they can follow you on social media channels.

Photo & Video Embed

By using our advanced featured system, we are able to integrate your selected quality images and video into your virtual tour, allow them to speak for your business and promote your products and services.

Booking Form

Attach a booking form into your virtual tour so that customers are able to make appointment directly from there and fasten their decision making without actually going to your website.

Our Process

We make everything easy for our clients. Our 5-step process is simple, clear and hassle-free.



Let’s talk about Virtual Tour and your business. Give us a call or fill out our form to schedule a meeting to discuss about your business needs whenever is convenient for you.



Our Google Certified Photographers will visit your location to capture your premises for the virtual tour. This process will take approximately 1 hour depending on the venue size and panoramic point.



After the shoot, the high-quality still photographs will be stitched into 360-degree views. We will create the virtual tour according to your requirements and make it look fantastic.



We published your Virtual Tour on Google Virtual on Google Search, Google Maps and Google+. If you require, we will also embed it on your website and Facebook.



If you require to expand the functions of Google 360 Virtual Tour to a more advanced of Google Virtual Tour, we will work on customizing your tour according to your request.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire you to do the Google Virtual Tour?

We have a great team and Google Trusted Photographer that provide professional equipment and latest technology from Google and partners. We make sure your tour will be of best quality and clothes with great functions. Hence, our experienced team will lead you throughout the project without any hassle. Besides, our fees are very competitive and attractive comparing to others. Contact us Now!

I don’t have a website, do I still need the Virtual Tour?

Yes. A Google Virtual Tour plays an excellent role in making customers convenient, it allows them to experience your venue and gain confidence in your business. It can also showcase your business and venue in Google Map, Google Street View, Google plus, Facebook and embedding into many other online platforms, this way, visitors will get to know your business, location, accessibility and venue easily. All these channels would increase your online presence and the Google search engine listing, especially in local business listing and Google Map. This is a great way to grow your business in online marketing. Feel free to talk to our specialist, we will give you a deeper insight on your business.

How long is the venue photo-shooting session?

The duration of photo-shooting depends on the size of venue and number of photo-point for the virtual tour. Normally a 500 – 1,000 sqf venue will take around 1 hour for photo-shooting. If you have bigger sizes or multiple floors, please contact us to get a more accurate time frame for your project.

What equipment and tools do you use for photo-shooting?

We are using newer professional Nikon and Cannon DSLR cameras with different kinds of lenses, tripods and special tripod heads for most of panoramic and still images capturing. We always carry different types of equipment for specific venue’s needs, as all venues have different situations.

How much does it cost normally?

The project fee for every Google Virtual Tour service depends on the size of venue, the number of photo-point and the advanced features required for the virtual tour. So it varies for each virtual tour project. Besides, according to our surveliance, we have great advantage in project fee in the market. Want to know the accurate fee for your venue? Contact us now, we will reply you immediately with our best quotation for your project.

Are there any extra charges after the Virtual Tour is on-live?

No. Google Virtual Tour is hosted by Google, just like Google map and Google Street View, therefore it is free of charge. You should not be charged any fee for hosting your Google Virtual Tour. Still have unanswered question regarding the charges? Tell us now, we will try our best to find the answer for you.

Can you assist in my product photo-shooting during the process?

Currently we do not provide any product photo-shoot service, however all of your products will be featured in the virtual tour as we will capture the high-quality 360 degree interior in the virtual tour, your products and other details will be included in the virtual tour indefinitely. If you have any further inquiry, do contact us now.

Should I prepare anything before the photo-shoot?

Yes. In order to capture the best images of your business and venue, you may need to make sure that the location is clean, tidy and in good condition for photo-shooting. As usually our photo-shooting will be conducted only once, there would be a surcharge applied for re-shooting. Please tell us more about your venue condition, so that we will be well-prepared.


For Your Next 360 Virtual Tour Project, Please Contact us today to start discussion on your vision and needs for your project.