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Project Background

Since its establishment in 2018, HashKey Group has emerged as a leading digital asset management and finance house in Asia, with a strong presence in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Tokyo. The group's business spans a comprehensive range of services in the digital asset landscape, including a licensed digital asset exchange, brokerage services, institutional-grade custody, and a venture capital fund. Faced with the need to enhance their digital presence, HashKey Group approached us with specific requirements: to develop a platform that facilitates quick, user-friendly access for their clients to view vital documents and information, ensuring an efficient and effective digital experience that aligns with their innovative and client-centric business model.

Our Challenges

Enhanced Security and Data Optimization

Implement security protocols and optimize data handling to protect sensitive information and improve efficiency in data processing.

Server Data Synchronization

Ensuring that when data is updated from the admin panel, it is concurrently pushed to the frontend server.

Enhanced Session Security

Establishing a robust security protocol that automatically terminates the current session in one tab when a new tab is opened, ensuring data protection and preventing unauthorized access during data input processes.

Image Upload Path

Creating a synchronized folder structure on both the front-end and back-end servers facilitates the storage of images on the front end while enabling their preview in the backend.

Revamped Website for HashKey Group

Transitioning from WordPress to Laravel, Visible One undertook the revamping of HashKey Group's website. This involved the Backend, Frontend, and Server Team, leveraging the Laravel Framework to create a more dynamic and user-friendly platform. The goal was to enhance HashKey's digital presence, offering clients quick access to essential documents and information, thus ensuring an efficient and engaging digital experience that reflects their innovative and client-focused approach.
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Navigation Design

Ensures that users can easily move between different sections of the website. Clear menus, labels, and navigation paths contribute to a seamless user experience.

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