Drupal Development for Hong Kong's Local Chronicles

Project Background

The Hong Kong Chronicles Institute is a non profit organization that upholding Chinese people’s time-honoured tradition of chronicling historical narratives for their localities. Client wants us to develop the new website using Drupal 8 programming language. They wants to manage the website contents using the with Content Management System. Client also wants their website to have Youtube API integration and PDF iFrame integration to show Youtube videos and eBooks. Besides, the client will also need advanced search, tag search, articles filter and sorting functions.

Our Challenges



Develop the website based on the web pages layouts that is designed by client


Sort & Filter

Design and build the sorting and filter function for each of the article posts


Dedicated Design

Dedicated page design for books pages to display various book categories



Integrate special image gallery functions with more useful features



Insert 50 articles to this website and adjust them nicely using html editor within a short period

Customized CMS System

The old website does not have image gallery functions, unable to display book PDF and do not have preview function. Besides, the article pages also do not have related tags and related posts section.
Our dedicated project team tried our best to develop the image gallery functions, integrate PDF iFrame and design a dedicated design for the articles pages with related hot tags and related posts section.Compared with the old website, the new website is equipped with more effective features. Website users will be able to view the gallery images with more feasibility. Besides, they also can read more about the eBook through the PDF iFrame.
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Our Solution & Tech Stack

Drupal Website Development

We use the top three most used CMS – Drupal technology to develop this website that client wants with powerful and user-friendly features. It is a flexible CMS, client can customize a lot of thing and create website type that they want.

Advanced Search

We developed advanced search function for this Drupal website. It is a way to find something from a large list of articles by specifying a criteria including multiple parameters. This can be a quicker or easier way to find content.

eNewsletter Subscriptions

Our team developed eNewsletter Subscriptions function for the website to collect subscribers’ email address and name. The system will send out confirmation email automatically after user click subsribe button.

iFrame Integration

The iframe that used to read PDF file is integrated into this Drupal website. All of the website visitors will be able to read about Hong Kong history books through this website and also can read the relevants articles through this website.

HTML Editor 

We use the HTML editor to insert articles for client. Client also can use it to design a post page without having any programming knowledge. It is often faster and easier to make changes to a page using a text editor.

Sorting and Filtering

With effective filtering and sorting options, this Drupal website’s user experience is improved. We created filters enable users to narrow down a website’s articles selection to only those few posts that match their particular interests.

UIUX Approaches

Distinct & Appealing Icons

We inserts suitable icons for important points in website. This is to let website visitor to understand the information clearly, well, and easily.

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