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Project Background

Mori Jewellery began its journey online in 2017, initially connecting with customers through social media. Since the 2020s, They've expanded into various retail locations in Hong Kong. Eager to harness the latest in digital sophistication, Mori partnered with Visible One to elevate their online presence. Their website will provide comprehensive insights into the client's operations and offer convenient customer interaction and functionalities for social media integration.

Custom PHP Website Development

We created a customized PHP e-commerce website for Mori Jewelry Shop to enhance its online presence and adapt to the expanding market demands. Key features of this website include social media integration, a dynamic point system where customers can earn and redeem points, and a referral program to boost user engagement. We utilized the Laravel framework for its robustness and flexibility, and integrated Instagram to keep the site's content fresh and engaging.
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Our Challenge

Point System Integration

Our team has enhanced the customer points system by creating a comprehensive feature that lets customers earn and spend points across the website, increasing engagement and loyalty. We've implemented a seamless point redemption process available during checkout, ensuring a smooth shopping experience.

Instagram Data Integration

Integrating Instagram was crucial for syncing social media content directly to the website. This allowed for real-time updates and social proofing, boosting trust and user interaction.

Custom Product Purchases

We created a robust platform where users can effortlessly customize and purchase their desired products, with options to view and modify their creations before checkout.

Referral Program Implementation

We've introduced a referral program to foster a sense of community and reward our users. Users can share a referral code with others, granting both the sharer and the receiver discounts on future purchases.

Shipping Integration with Easyship

To streamline the logistics, we integrated Easyship to offer various shipping options, making it easy for customers to receive their custom products wherever they are.

Visible One

Technology Stack and Development Approach

Laravel Development

Laravel was chosen for its exceptional robustness and flexibility, making it well-suited for developing dynamic websites with complex functionalities. Its comprehensive tools allow developers to efficiently build scalable, high-performance web applications that meet modern requirements.

API Integrations

The Instagram social API was integrated to keep the website's content fresh and connected with the latest social trends. This feature automatically updates the site with new Instagram posts, enhancing user engagement and ensuring the content remains current and relevant.

User Interface Design

Our UI design prioritizes responsiveness and ease of navigation, making the website accessible and user-friendly across all devices. This focus enhances customer satisfaction and retention by ensuring a smooth, adaptable experience for every user, regardless of their device.

Flexible Payment Integration

Our platform is designed to accommodate any payment type, enhancing accessibility and convenience for our members. This flexibility ensures members can use their preferred payment methods, from credit cards to digital wallets, fostering a seamless and inclusive shopping experience. This system is built to support diverse financial preferences, ensuring that every transaction is smooth and user-friendly.

Highly Challenged Features

It has integrated advanced features like social API connections, Easyship for shipping functionalities, and a comprehensive reward system that uses earning and redeeming points across the website.

GA Ecommerce Tracking Integration

We implemented GA4 Ecommerce Tracking to enhance the monitoring and optimization of online shopping activities. This feature allows us to capture detailed data on transactions and customer behavior, enabling precise adjustments to marketing and product strategies. It's designed to support diverse analytical requirements, ensuring that we utilize insights for maximum impact, and fostering a data-driven shopping environment that caters to the needs of all users.

Mesmerizing Display

Elevating user experience with captivating visuals, vibrant colors, and engaging interactive animations.

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