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Magento is an open source eCommerce solution renowned for it’s deep rich features and powerful functionalities. It is an amazing platform for ecommerce which has helped online business owners grow their businesses worldwide that continues to lead the market. From small start-ups to large enterprises, many eCommerce sites uses Magento to continually innovate, differentiate and grow their omnichannel sales in an increasingly competitive market.

As a Magento development company, we provide services to build online stores using Magento development throughout Singapore. We create optimised and elegant online shopping websites on Magento which gives your customers a pleasant shopping experience.

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Magento is the most widely adopted eCommerce platform and it’s been designed from the ground up to be flexible and extendible which means it’s a good fit for all e-commerce websites and it is arguably the best choice for businesses.

Effective Site Performance

Magento offers a comprehensive suite of tools to take complete control of the look, feel and functionality of your site and deliver a great online shopping experience to your customers.

Secured Admin Panel

The Magento admin panel allows store owners to administer and manage a Magento online store to prevent an attacker seeking to gain access to privileged information.

Secure Transaction

The Magento online store’s trading system is highly secure hosted ecommerce platform, preventing fraudulent transactions before they’re completed.

Third Party Integration

Magento is an ecommerce tool that is built to enable integration with various third party software. These third-party integration services give customers more options and improve user experience.

Multiple Payment Gateways

Your site can be configured to accept payment via credit card, debit card, PayPal and more – with a secure and easy checkout process to put users at ease.

Efficient Vendor Management

Create a fully integrated marketplace to allow your site to support multi-vendor capability – increasing product diversity and lowering risk.

Why Choose Our Magento Development Services

We are a leading certified Magento website development company in Singapore. We use proven methodologies and techniques to help businesses unlock the full power of Magento and achieve all their development goals.

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Prompt Customization

We make it a point to understand your business and target customers, and customise your Magento site making it intuitive and support your customer right through to checkout.

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Qualified Team

When you work with us, you won’t have to wade through technical jargon and worry about being out of your depth – we make sure everything we do for you is simple and user-friendly.

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Affordable Solution

We build affordable Magento sites according to your requirement and budget. However, regardless of what you pay, the quality of our work will never be compromised.

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Perfect Design

Our best Magento developers can produce the best Magento websites with more built-in features and top-notch functionality for any user on any device that will help boost your website traffic and convert visitors into sale.

Our Professional Magento Web Development Competencies

We have the skills and expertise in Magento eCommerce web development to take your brand to the next level through beautifully crafted design, top notch user experience and industry standard code and system implementations.

Quality Services

Quality Services

We’re passionate about building quality and smart Magneto ecommerce websites that actually do what they’re supposed to do: generate leads and make more sales.

Project First Approach

Project First Approach

We develop your online store from the conceptual stage to delivery with the aim of creating a simplistic, cost-effective and easy-to-maintain website which will make your store stand out from the competition.

Professional Creative

Professional Creative

With our creative and systematic Magento web development process, we analyze your commerce requirement to help you transform every element of the storefront to match your branding and store image.

360º Satisfaction

360º Satisfaction

Our Magento ecommerce development team is highly skilled at exploiting the Magento ecommerce platform to its full efficiency, adapting its assorted and lithe features to meet your business requirements with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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Our streamlined Magento design process enables us to guarantee fast project completion without the need for any corner cutting on website quality. Whatever your e-commerce store requirements, our Magento developer team can be relied upon to come up with the most effective solution.

Requirement Analysis

First, we will schedule a meeting with you on your available time and discuss about your business for us to understand about your website goals and objectives. We will let you fill out forms to gather all the information we need for the entire project, and create a proposal to align your expectations, educate each other with different ideas, define the features and scope, timeline, outline cost and duration.


Using the information we gathered from phase one, it is time to put them together to create a plan for your website. This is the point where a sitemap is developed. We will also help you decide what technologies should be implemented. Elements such as what CMS (content management system) such as WordPress to incorporate, will any contact forms be needed, etc. are discussed when planning your website.


Once the blueprint for the site has been defined through the creation of the sitemap and wireframes, the next step is to determine the look and feel of your site. Our creative team will finalize the visual style of your site—including its content, brand, front, colors, hovers, animations and images—making any revisions you request. Once all the elements are in place, we will send the design over to you for your approval.


With designs approved, it’s time to flesh out the design of the pages, develop new content and refine old content, create graphics elements such as images, videos, slideshows and other media that will appear on the site as well as start to build out the HTML and CSS of the site. This entire time, we will continue to make your in-progress website available to you for viewing, so that you can suggest any additional changes.


Before the site is launched, we will attend to the final details and test your website. It will be placed on a production server where only internal audiences and anyone who you share the link with can view it. Site testing includes the complete functionality of forms or other elements and content, as well last testing for last minute compatibility issues (viewing differences between different devices and web browsers).


We’ve tested the site, had it reviewed and approved by you, and we’re ready to launch. But once the site is launched, the project isn’t over — we will ask feedback from you for some immediate changes to the site, such as fixing broken links, editing copy, etc. We also do the SEO to optimize your site with elements such as title, description and keyword tags which help your website achieve higher search engine ranking.


After the website is live, we will maintain a long-term partnership with you by providing support assistance and ongoing maintenance to the hosted environment, the website, and the CMS. We can update content, making changes to the backend and fixing broken links. Whether you are interested in small changes or major enhancements, our team are ready to assist you to make your site more successful.

Technologies We Work

We offer completely bespoke Magento website development services using different eCommerece technologies to build the exact solutions you need to streamline operations and expand your capabilities whilst creating a fully customized, responsive online store that speaks your brand to your customers.

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