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Hosting Security

SSL certificates are an important element of a website that enable you to increase your site security, reassuring visitors they’re safe on your site. SSL certificates protect your online customer’s sensitive information such as passwords and/or credit card data. Visible One provide you with the best SSL certificate which make strong protection of your data on the Internet between a browser and a server. We will help you to select the most appropriate SSL certificate plans for your website needs to give visitors extra confidence.
Every customer prefer secure websites. Google favours secure sites so it helps to increase your search engine ranking in the search results, meaning that it’s more important than ever to secure your site with an SSL certificate.
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Secure Your Website

Do business confidently with SSL Certificate. When online customers feel secure on your website, they are more likely trust your business and purchase from your website.

Keep information secure

An SSL Certificate protects your data, endpoints, websites, emails and other sensitive information on your website.

Build customer trust

SSL Certificates offer shoppers peace of mind, allowing them to entrust their information upon purchase.

Improve Google rankings

Google favors sites with HTTPS SSL which make these sites rank higher in search engine by implementing SSL certificate.

What is an SSL certificate or TLS certificate?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and it is the predecessor of TLS – Transport Layer Security. SSL certificates give your website the padlock or green browser bar which encrypt information between the browser and web server, preventing any man-in-the-middle style attacks by keeping any data sent between a user and a website secure.

Authentication and Verification

SSL certificates makes your website compliant with aunthentication and verifications standards which make your website enjoy the highest security levels and instantly win the trust of your customers and convert more sales.

Data Encryption

SSL certificates will secure your website or server with highly secure data encryption that ensures transactions and all sensitive information is safe and secure, so your online customers can purchase with confidence.

Our SSL Certificate Plans & Pricing

Give your customers total confidence that their data is safe from online threats by choosing the right SSL certificate plan for your website. Our SSL certificate price is offered at an affordable price.
Sectigo is one of the world's largest and longest-standing Certificate Authorities (CA), trusted by more than 700,000 customers, including 36% of the Fortune 1000.

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Online shoppers prefer visiting and purchasing from a secure website. EV (Extended Validation) certificates offers maximum business-level authentication that turn the URL with an instantly recognisable green browser bar and display your site’s credentials, which gives your visitors extra visibility and assurance that your company is legit and can be trusted.
Secure your website


  • Do I really need an SSL Certificate for my website?

    Every website owner who do business online must be using an SSL Certificate. They are most commonly used with ecommerce websites who collect sensitive information from online shoppers such as personal data and/or credit card details.
  • Which certificate do I need?

  • Can I use SSL with any domain?

  • How long are your certificates valid?

  • After purchasing SSL certificate for my website, how will I know that it is already secure?

  • How long does it to issue my SSL certificate?

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